What Is Strength & Why Is Hemp Stronger Than Steel?

Why Is Hemp Stronger Than Steel?

Joseph Powers
2 min readDec 2, 2016

Written by: Joe Powers — Publisher at HempWriter.com

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What is unknown, will be known, in 60 seconds or less.

In PART TWO we discovered Why Hemp Is The Most Powerful Plant In Know Existence.

What does it mean to be strong?

There are two ways to measure strength.

  1. Crack & Break like a dry tree branch.
  2. Bend & Mend like a metal spring in a pen.

Imagine a dry tree branch in both hands.

It’s pretty stiff & doesn’t bend.

Nothing really happens until you apply a lot of pressure.

When you put a lot of pressure on the branch, it doesn’t bend.

It cracks & breaks!

Next. Imagine squishing a spring between two fingers.

It bends & mends back to its original position with ease.

Even when you put a LOT of pressure on it, it is rather hard to make a spring crack and break.

Just like it is hard for a dry tree branch to bend & mend back to its original position.

The two measurements of strength are; crack & break and bend & mend.

With these two measurements of strength, we are easily able to understand why hemp is stronger than steel.

  • Hemp can hold almost twice the weight as steel before it cracks and breaks. And.
  • Hemp can bend and mend almost six times better than steel.

Now we understand Why Hemp Is Stronger Than Steel.

Lets move onto part four where we look at how hemp softer than silk.

With hemp, everyone gets to win.

Earth, humans, society & humanity win with hemp. Every time.

Move on to PART FOUR as we continue to explore Why Hemp Is Softer Than Silk.



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