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In my journey working on Bnbtally, I’ve come across many Accountants and Property Managers in the Airbnb and short-term rental industry. In this article, I’ve compiled a list of the most common costs involved in operating an Airbnb business. I present here a chart of accounts, which you can use to set up QuickBooks for your Airbnb and short-term rental organization.

This chart of accounts applies to several business models, including property owners and those involved in renting and subleasing on Airbnb. If you’re a property manager or co-host who manages listings on behalf of an owner, you may find…

Why read this article?

The topic of this article is about the numbers Airbnb reports to the IRS in their 1099-K for each Host. If you manage or own a property on Airbnb (a “Host”), you can get burned at tax time if you’re not careful with how you interpret Airbnb’s 1099-K.

Many Accountants inexperienced with Airbnb overlook deducting the hidden amounts buried within this tax form — and no, we’re not talking about general expenses everyone already knows about. The numbers reported by Airbnb are higher than what is actually paid out to Hosts. …

Companies such as Lime, Bird and JUMP have proven there is an interest in the market for shared, alternative transportation such as e-scooters and bikes. But as time flew by, city dwellers started getting annoyed as users would leave units littered along random sidewalks and streets, other units would be left vandalized or stolen and distribution of existing units would be so speckled that none are found where people need them the most. It seems the perfect solution is not yet out.

These companies have been the stepping stone of the dockless micro-mobility era, but over the past couple years…

Mitsubishi, Nissan, BMW, Ford, virtually all of the major car manufactures these days are now making electric cars. With the help of government subsidies in Europe and around the world, electric cars have grown 60% year over year since 2015 as cars are becoming more affordable for people to buy. As more electric cars are made available, more charging stations prop up on street sides and parking lots to keep up with the demand for energy. Charging stations are built by many different manufactures and distributors, each of which have their own membership program for electric vehicle users. …

The rise and fall of a recovering patron, and considerations before getting on board.

I remember first hearing about Bitcoin back in 2012. I was working at Amazon at the time. A couple guys from my development team were huddled around one co-worker’s screen. We were pretty fascinated by the concept, yet we didn’t take it too seriously. Bitcoin cost just $7 at the time, it was very interesting, but even us — a group of software engineers in Silicon Valley — thought it was just a cute little fad.

Today, almost everyone has heard about Bitcoin and many have put serious skin in the game — a game that has resulted with both…

What I learned as a recent college graduate on a rampage to get a corporate job during the global financial crisis.

Artwork edited by Jason Weber

By the end of this May, another round of new college graduates will be commenced and entering into the work force. Many of whom may have a job already lined up, many may not. When I graduated, I wasn’t so lucky — it was at the bottom of a recession (2009) and the job market was going through what seemed like a famine for a new grad.

I did not have a job waiting for me after graduation but I eventually obtained one. This article is about the journey of a jobless new grad. …

Rakesh Patel, CEO at Space-O HQ in Ahmedabad, India.

Introducing Rakesh & Space-O

Back in 2010, Rakesh started his company specializing in mobile application development in Ahmedabad, India. He started with only 1,000 US dollars (roughly 70,000 rupees), an empty office with a few plastic chairs and zero infrastructure. Today, Rakesh’s company, Space-O Technologies, overlooks 3000+ mobile applications with over 20 million downloads, has powered 25+ successful startups and has incubated eleven additional businesses within the company.

Within seven years, Space-O Technologies has grown to over 250 employees with offices in Ahmedabad, Cyberia, Saint Petersburg, Silicon Valley and now Canada.

This is an amazing track record and I wanted to learn more on…

HappiLabs’ virtual assistant on the job.

Tom Ruginis stayed with us at Flow House Coliving in Silicon Valley back in 2015. We get a lot of entrepreneurs who come into Silicon Valley throughout the year. I like to write about the ones who are up to something genuine, including those who are creating profitable ways to solve real world problems even if it’s not in the sexiest of industries — it’s businesses like these that deserve more attention. I’d like to introduce you to Tom Ruginis and how he’s adding value to scientists and labs around the United States.

Introducing Tom Ruginis and HappiLabs

Tom is the Founder of HappiLabs, a…

Driving the European innovation shift by connecting and empowering corporations and startups to bridge the new economy

Jürgen Furian (left) & Andreas Tschas (right)

Back in 2014, I had the opportunity to host Jürgen and his team when they came through Flow House Coliving in Silicon Valley. One day Jürgen came with his team and occupied half of the house, we all got a chance to hang out and enjoyed a few beers in the back patio on a couple occasions — they were quite a fun and hilarious group! But I also found they were up to something big. They’re a part of a big push to make Europe more innovative in the new economy. …

Jason Weber

Silicon Valley Software Professional & Founder of Flow House™. Worked at Amazon, HP & Intel. Into practical Zen, the Flow State, High-Tech & the Hustle.

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