Better Sleep equals Better Beauty

Keeping up with your frantic schedule and daily routine can be extremely difficult, especially with lack of sleep. Everyone needs his or her beauty sleep, but how can you get your beauty rest when you cannot fall asleep at night or if you just want to have peace of mind knowing you had the best sleep of your life? Instasleep is the answer.

By continuously having a bad night of sleep can, believe it or not make you look older than you actually are. If you are constantly depriving yourself of sleep over the course of many weeks there are many effects that can happen, one being premature aging of the skin.

In a recent study in the UK researchers examined 30 women’s skin and measured the amount of wrinkles, pores, brown spots and red areas. The participants slept for six hours the next five nights before they had their skin tested again. The conclusion for the results showed that the women has up to double the amount of fine lines and wrinkles; and up to three-quarters more brown spots in the form of dark circles under their eyes.

Below are some comments by many experts relating to sleep deprivation and skin:

“As you age, even a night of insufficient sleep shows on your skin, which sags, bags, and dulls. Insomnia can make a person look ten years older because of stress-induced changes in facial tissue. The term “beauty sleep” is more than an expression.” -Dr. Lancer, Los Angeles Dermatologist
“Sleep deprivation can cause skin damage at a number of levels. It can raise the cortisol levels hence it can worsen inflammatory conditions. Poor collagen formation also takes place with sleep deprivation leading to skin ageing.” -Dr. Firas Al-Niaimi, Dermatologist

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Story by: Jena Hanlon sleepninja8 at InstaSleep

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