Trump Coup Attempt.

My updated version of a Robert Crumb cartoon about a deranged President.

Labour’s Brexit Policy.

I’ve written to Keir Starmer asking what Labour’s Brexit policy is-

Dear Keir,

I don’t know what Labour’s Brexit policy is. Perhaps you or your office could tell me.

Is it-

a) a customs border on the island of Ireland.

b) a customs border in the Irish Sea between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

c) staying in the single market and customs union (as suggested by the ICTU, see below) so as to have no customs borders north/south or east/west.

d) wait for the Tory Government to make a pig’s ear out of the present negotiations (eg…

From The Guardian (25 November 2018)

Owen Reidy of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) forecast the present tensions regarding a post-Brexit UK/EU Irish border in August 2017-

“Clearly any type of border east/west within the UK is unacceptable and creates problems for unionism. Equally any hard border north/south is also unacceptable as it creates problems for nationalism.”

The solution (December 2017) of the ICTU was clear -

”The view of Congress is, and remains, that the best and most logical way to avoid such a hard border is for the UK as a whole to remain in both the single market and customs union…

Ruth Dudley Edwards has written a piece in The Spectator, “In Defence of Claire Fox”, which gives some insight into why some look forward to Ms Fox going into the House of Lords.

In the article, Ms Dudley Edwards writes -

“I think the RCP [Revolutionary Communist Party] attitude to Ireland was quite as appalling as does Kenny [Donaldson], and I would find it difficult to see Claire as a friend if she were eulogising terrorists, but to my knowledge she never has, and I think the media are misrepresenting her. …

Keir Starmer Donkey Farmer.

Based on this Mail on Sunday story (17 May 2020), the McLibel trial and an idea from Jonathan Coe.

Dominic Cummings is “The Special Adviser”.

Deep Entrist or Deep Centrist?

Was Keir Starmer a Trotskyist? Or a follower of Michel Pablo and therefore a “Pabloite”? Is there a difference? Indeed, who was this “Michel Pablo” and what on earth is “Pabloism”?

Does anyone care?

Well, some people do, including the Mail on Sunday who referred to the Labour leadership favourite as a “Posh Trot” in an attempt to expose his “radical past”.

Now, let me try and answer some of the questions I put above.

Who was Michel Pablo?

There are three ways to get a vote in the Labour leadership election-

  1. Join the Labour Party.
  2. Be a member of an Affiliated Organisation and sign up to the Affiliated Supporter scheme.
  3. Become a Registered Supporter.

Join The Labour Party.

The Labour Party 2020 Leadership Election Hub provides lots of information about the process and how you can get a vote. I’ve put much of that information on one here but I’ve also included links to the Affiliated Organisations which, if you are or become a member before Monday 5.00pm 20 January, makes you eligible to have a vote (see details below).

The most…

Corbyn’s email to members.

My reply to Jeremy Corbyn’s General Election “thank you” email

Dear Jeremy,

Thank you for your letter.

I do have one question to ask though. Considering you have led Labour to its worst General Election defeat since 1935, knowingly going into said election with the worst opposition leader polls ever, why have not resigned yet?

You bear complete personal responsibility for this debacle. As you said (4 Nov 2019) to the Shadow Cabinet when you supported Boris Johnson’s call for an election -

“I put it to them quite clearly: I said, our objections are now gone. We are now…

The Hard Border conundrum.

I wrote to Jeremy Corbyn (and other Labour leaders) today. Probably a waste of time though but one must make the attempt to put one’s point of view across politely but firmly –

Dear Jeremy,

I assume you have seen Leo Varadkar’s views on PM Johnson’s proposals for dealing with the conundrum of the Irish border. Namely, that there are only five ways to avoid a hard border on the island of Ireland –

1) United Ireland
2) Ireland rejoining the UK [unacceptable to Ireland, btw]
3) UK remaining in the EU
4) Norway Plus
5) Backstop

At no point…

John Rogan

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