When and how should startups invest in content marketing? What is the value for startups and how do you measure it? I interviewed Emilia Chagas, content marketing expert, journalist, and CEO/co-founder of Contentools to find out.

Why did you start Contentools?

I was a content manager for over eight years, at enterprises and SMBs, and a journalist before that. The work of a content manager inside a marketing team is very clunky. There are so many tools and broken processes that it’s very difficult to create content with a team.

We would start creating content and have difficulty getting all of the approvals so we…

How can you increase your chances of success, as an early stage startup founder?

Early stage startup investors watch many founders make mistakes and see a few figure out enough to get past product market fit and beyond. These investors can be a wealth of information and advice when launching a company.

Steve Mankoff is General Partner at TDF Ventures, an early stage venture capital firm investing in enterprise infrastructure, software and services. Steve has invested in many successful startups and has also been part of building a company from the ground up. …

What is the key to successful startup marketing?

Who better to answer that question than Stacey Epstein? Stacey is CEO of Zinc (recently acquired by ServiceMax). She spent much of her career prior as a high growth CMO. In this interview, Stacey shares her path to CEO, lessons learned, and secrets to success.

This interview was conducted for the new book Beyond Product (Now in paperback at Amazon.com, B&N and your favorite book retailers). Interview highlights are below:

The path to CEO

I’ve been in enterprise software for almost three decades now. I started my career actually as an administrative assistant at Oracle. But…

Where do you start when it comes to marketing your startup? Co-founder and CEO of Lately, ex-radio-host, and phenomenal marketer Kate Bradley Chernis, shared some of her pitching and marketing tips in her interview for Beyond Product (NOW AVAILABLE in paperback at Amazon, Barnes&Noble and your favorite book retailers). Highlights from the interview are below:

How did you start Lately?

Ten years ago, I was managing a multi-million dollar Walmart campaign — it was Walmart collaborating with United Way Worldwide and the National Disability Institute and tens of thousands of non-profits and small businesses; two radically different groups of marketers, as you might imagine. So…

Launching a new consumer product has different considerations and requires a different approach from business products.

Arjun Moorthy left his role as VP of Business Development and Channel Sales at Hubspot to launch news app OwlFactor (originally CivikOwl), a web and mobile app that helps people figure out if they can trust the news they’re reading.

This was one of 50 interviews with startup leaders conducted for the new book, Beyond Product (now Available on Amazon Kindle and B&N Nook). Highlights are below:

What is OwlFactor and why did you start it?

OwlFactor helps people figure out if the news they are reading is high quality or not and…

There is a lot of confusion about the role and value of product marketing. So, I asked Greg Powell, head of brand and product marketing at Fundbox, who previously built a product marketing competency at Intuit to share his perspective on that question.

This was one of 50 interviews with startup leaders conducted for the new book, Beyond Product (now Available on Amazon Kindle and B&N Nook). Highlights are below:

What is product marketing?

Product marketing is about bringing the market to the product and the product to market.

Bringing the market to the product is about understanding who your target customer is, both…

The role of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) has become increasingly complex. The confusion about what marketing is doesn’t help. I caught up with Margaret Molloy, CMO of Siegel + Gale, a top marketing influencer, and a fantastic marketer (trust me, I’ve worked with her!) to distill brand, marketing and the CMO role for startups.

This interview was conducted for Beyond Product, (now Available on Amazon Kindle and B&N Nook). Highlights are below:

What is Marketing? How Do You Characterize the Role of the CMO today?

“Marketing is the act of persuading others to act. Be they consumers or B2B buyers, internal colleagues, media, analysts, influencers, what have you, we are persuading people…

Go to any B2B tech company’s website and you’re likely to see it: a headline that talks about the cool features of their product. Either that, or they have a tagline that makes them sound like fifty other companies. They likely have a high bounce rate as a result.

That’s why I was I was excited to interview Judy Loehr about positioning.

Judy is a Venture Capitalist, Start-up Advisor, and Go-to-market expert. She was one of the original product managers at Salesforce.com, …

You’ve built your product and proven that there is a market for it. Your business is working on a small scale. How do you turn up the volume and drive real growth?

Bill Macaitis has as much or more experience and success at scaling B2B startups as anyone. As CRO of Slack, CMO of Zendesk, and Marketing SVP at Salesforce before that, Bill was instrumental in the growth three of the fastest growing SaaS companies in the world.

In my interview with Bill for Beyond Product, he shared his key learnings and advice for B2B startups trying to scale:

The Role of Marketing


How do investors decide which companies to invest in? What do you need to do to convince them? And what can we learn from their experience with so many startups?

Maha Ibrahim is a general partner at venture capital firm, Canaan Partners, where she invests in early stage enterprise software and B2C startups. Maha in was an early investor in Kabam, among other companies. In my interview with Maha for Beyond Product, she discussed how she makes investment decisions, what founders need to do to convince her to invest, and shares her advice for startup founders. …

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