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Designers today have way more options to pick from than they did two years ago. With the evolution of the design process, the market is flooded with different products that specialize in specific parts of design, prototyping, collaboration, review, versioning, and developer hand off. Designers have managed to stitch together these different tools to create a system of products that mimic the fragmented process itself. Our mission with Adobe XD is to build a platform where you no longer have to worry about learning and using many different tools in your workflow.

One of the key areas we focused on this year was prototyping. Over the last 12 months we added several new design and prototyping features that allow you to bring your ideas to life. This post covers every prototyping feature we have in Adobe XD. Whether you’re a beginner, expert, or just curious to learn how to prototype, Adobe XD has something to offer you. …

Leveraging the right apps in Creative Cloud for the right workflows.

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Whether you’re slicing bread or carving a piece of meat, the right knife for the task makes it easier and safer. Design is no different. The design process has evolved over the last couple of years, and has influenced the roles and responsibilities of a designer. The mediums for which we design have bifurcated and exploded. Design is neither static nor does it happen in isolation.

Knives are sharpened regularly to prevent them from going blunt. Software is regularly updated to keep it relevant and running smooth. But a chef never uses the same knife for every task. …

Curating and reusing colors, character styles, and symbols with the Assets Panel

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Design Systems help maintain consistency and build a shared vocabulary that speeds up design and development time.

​​However, the cost of building and maintaining them is often very expensive. Designers have to rely on multiple plugins and extensions in addition to their main authoring tool to make this workflow truly useful. I believe that the cost to maintain a design system should not outweigh the need for one.

One of our core principles for Adobe XD is reducing friction in the design process. The Assets Panel is the first step towards better managing of linked colors, character styles, and Symbols in XD. I’ve put together a quick overview of the different workflows that the Assets Panel supports, in order to speed up your design process. …


Jonathan Pimento

Dropping pixels, fixing breakpoints & building roadmaps. Designer turned Product Manager on @AdobeXD ⚡️

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