2018 is coming to a close and for anyone related to the crypto markets or Blockchain startups this year has been quite a rollercoaster experience. One year ago Bitcoin and Ethereum were at their all time high, today they are at their lowest since early 2017. The highs and lows of crypto come thick and fast and most tokens have also taken a major hit. What does this all mean for what’s really at stake — Blockchain technology and our company White Rabbit?

The temptation of rapid financing and an opportunity to engage ambassadors in the development and pre-launch of…

Dear Responsible Rebels,

We know, we know. Its been a while since you heard from us last. Believe me, we've heard it from partners, from our advisors and from ourselves. We owe you an update.

Two days before the token sale was supposed to finish, we finally after much delay received approval from the Liechtenstein FMA as a utility token. Since there was obviously little reason to resume our sale immediately after such lengthy delay, we decided to head out into the world on a road show. Our aim is more partnerships, more content and most importantly to ensure development…

This year´s Cannes was a time to say again, loud and clear, that women are underrepresented among the films and filmmakers. A mere 82 female director´s have been nominated at Cannes in its 71 year history, compared to 1,688 men. Again, Cannes failed to deliver with only 3 films directed by women. Therefore, 82 of the film industry´s most prominent women, led by Cate Blanchett, rightfully delivered the message loud and clear. It´s a time for a change.

A Pause in the White Rabbit Token Sale and Cannes Film Festival Update.

Dear Responsible Rebels,

As you may be aware, our token sale is being conducted in Liechtenstein which has favorable legislation for token sales and a belief in blockchain. We were notified today by the Liechtenstein FMA that they have not as of yet completed their review of our utility token, so we have been recommended to pause the token sale. We have received a legal opinion from two reputable law firms that WRT is indeed a utility token, so we look forward to receiving the FMA statement…

It is with great pleasure that we present our technical sneak peek of our work. We are working full speed on the development of the White Rabbit ecosystem. Our development journey started off with the blockchain. This is the essential ingredient in ensuring the film fans contribute to the filmmaker continuing making films. What we call “everyone is happy”. The blockchain empowered our ability to challenge and change how transactions and interactions work in the film industry.

The blockchain was not enough though, to truly disrupt the industry. We need to shape the inner technical workings to reflect our…

White Rabbit´s pre-sale is live from 1400/2pm UTC today as Wings forecasting averages 7000 ETH.


White Rabbit pre-sale is now live and we look forward to welcoming your contribution that will enable us to disrupt the streaming industry for the benefit of fans and filmmakers.

Join the pre-sale by jumping right in and get Whitelisted here, but we do encourage you to also read general information on the process here. The Whitelist contract will be updated daily so that you can proceed with the KYC/AML and transfer of funds within 24 hours.

Wings forecasting shows an average forecast of…

Shortly after deploying our smart contract integration with Wings, the Wings community asked us whether the forecast was total or for the main sale only. Thanks to their inquiries we reviewed the logic of the smart contract and discovered an issue. The smart contract was not as intended, due to miscommunication between White Rabbit and the developers. This issue is now resolved and the smart contract and forecasting redeployed.

As stated in our legal documents and White paper, a failure to reach $2M would see us return the funds as we could not be sure to deliver as promised below…

We are excited to announce the start date for the presale and main sale for White Rabbit tokens. It’s taken a little longer than expected, but as you might understand the emerging and dynamic token sale market requires flexibility.

No worries though, as we’ve kept ourselves busy developing the product, building a stronger team, and reaching partnerships, all of which will be announced shortly.

In the meantime, pencil in these dates and bonuses into your calendar:

May 7th 2018, 14:00 UTC — token presale opens.

May 14th 2018, 14:00 UTC — presale closes on this date, unless the presale hardcap…

One of challenges White Rabbit is going to solve is ensuring we understand the difference between a pirate and a fan — and, that we differentiate between them.

Illegal streaming started off as a game. It was a sport — who can upload the latest hottest music. It was street cred, online. If you haven´t read the book “How Music Got Free” by Stephen Witt, I highly recommend it. I read it shortly after I had come up with the idea of White Rabbit. If you´ve heard my pitch or read the Whitepaper, you´ll recognise that I paraphrased its logline…

With the Berlinale wrapped up and deserved awards for an amazing selection of films, now is a good moment to reflect on White Rabbit´s time in Berlin. Film festivals are always special, especially Berlin and Cannes as it´s a chance to catch up with many great colleagues and friends. White Rabbit´s founder has been in the film industry for nearly ten years and so it becomes like a family away from home. No normal family by any means, but then again who has or even wants a normal family!

Berlin has been an opportunity to meet new people tool especially…

White Rabbit

Watch what you want, when you want, wherever you want. We´re shaking up streaming… Jump in!

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