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Some time back, my younger son and I were having lunch at a local Thai restaurant.

When dining at a restaurant, I typically arrive around 11am when the restaurant is empty (and quiet).

I request to sit in the far corners of restaurants, away from the bar, and the chatter and reactive laughter.

The restaurant was empty, but a few tables away from us sat a man in a white shirt and a striped tie, sitting before a laptop and a set of manilla folders. Across the table from him were the two owners of the restaurant.

It did not require a great deal of imagination to conclude that this was a marketing presentation. …

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Any man can get paid to “work.”

Few men get paid to Play.

The only question that remains is, What sort of thing can a man play that provides more value to another, than “work?”

If a man becomes Indispensable, he plays.

In fact, it is his very nature of play that makes him indispensable.

The entire framework of this society rests upon the idea of “work.”

Jobs, employment, wages, applications . . .

Human beings have been sold into slavery.

Their minds have been programmed toward mediocrity.

Man has been made into a slave, placed into an arena with digital screens and nightclubs, so that he remains distracted enough to never gain the motivation to pull himself out of slavery. …

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Student (S)

Master (M)

S: Master, I have seen this old man for many years now. He comes every week. He sits with you. And converses with you. Master, who is that old man?

M: His name is Hui Ko.

S: Who is he?

M: A man I met long ago.

S: Please tell me about him.

M: It would be best if you spoke to him yourself.

The student went to the village in order to pay a visit to Hui Ko. He lived on a small farm, in the remote countryside.

When he arrived, Hui Ko recognized him. And graciously invited him into his small and simple home. …

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An excerpt from a conversation

Client (C )

Myself (M)

C: Now that I’ve reached a certain level in my understanding. Please provide me with a snapshot of what life on earth really is.

M: A man makes a journey toward a mountain. On the way, he notices a carnival. The carnival is bright, and boisterous, and colorful. He cannot ignore it. He enters the carnival. And he remains there throughout his life.

C: So everything in our life is make-believe?

M: Yes.

C: Even love?

M: Your out-clauses will not work with me.

C: You don’t believe in love?

M: We will explore this question when you arrive at a different level of seriousness. …

An excerpt from a conversation . . .

Professional Athlete (P)

Myself (M)

P: Thank you for agreeing to meet with me.

M: Please tell me, what is the real reason you are here?

P: The immediate reason is that I was sent to you by one of my coaches. It was actually one of my old coaches. I received a call from him from out of the blue. And he insisted that I come see you.

M: I see. This tells me that your old coach thinks you should be here. What are your personal reasons for being here?

P: Straight from the gut? …

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Star Wars brought the Jedi to the world.

But few humans have imbibed it.

Kung Fu brought Shaolin to the world.

But few humans have achieved it.

The Shaolin said, “A Shaolin Monk can walk through walls. He may be standing a few feet from you. But he cannot be seen. He may be walking right behind you. But he cannot be heard. He needs nothing. He needs no one. For a Shaolin Monk is master of himself.”

You have a Mind.

It was meant to be controlled.

It was meant to be conquered.

Of what use is this silly life if after having lived it, you have not tasted its rarefied nectar? …

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We are about to enter the human mind.

I will take you to a few select regions.

And to some secret compartments.

If you look for the mind, you will not find it.

It is invisible.

But it is functioning right beneath your feet.

As I said the word feet, the image of feet appeared in your psyche.

This is the mind at work.

Look down there. Look at the wheel spinning at a thousand revolutions per second.

There is a vortex in its center.

This is the place in which thought is created.

The thoughts that you believe are “yours,” are manufactured here. …

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This discourse is not written for your betterment.

It is not written in order to make you understand.

It is not written for your health.

It is just written.

A human being spends his entire life hankering for that which he does not have.

While, at first, this might sound like an admonition, it in fact stands to reason.

Society preaches that one should be happy with what one has.

That humans should count their blessings.

That they should be grateful.

While the human may possess material pleasures and comforts, it stands perfectly to reason why he chases that which he does not have. …

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Man (M)

God (G)

M: I see you clearly. Have I reached the end of my life?

G: Yes.

M: What do you think of the way I have lived?

G: Of what use is this to you?

M: I seek your judgment.

G: I do not judge.

M: If you were a friend rather than a god, what would you say to me about the way in which I have lived?

G: I would say that you have wasted the life that you were given.

M: Why!

G: You think you have not wasted it?

M: I have wasted time, there is no doubt. But wasted my life? …

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I have decided to share a few insights with you regarding the Truth about human learning.

If you choose to imbibe it, do so.

If you agree or disagree, you will not have truly listened.

My ways are unorthodox.

As any true way must be.

For things must be done not according to tenets of “instruction.”

They must be done according to the way in which the Mind can be captured, engaged, and made to imbibe the training. And in so doing, willingly commit the whole of its powers to creating a masterpiece of the craft at hand.

I will be using the word “teacher” in the purest sense. …


Kapil Gupta

Kapil Gupta is a personal advisor to CEO’s, Professional Athletes, Celebrities, and Performing Artists around the world.

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