This series of posts aims to help you get started in creating an adaptive, multi-use design system from scratch.

Throughout the series, I will discuss my preferred path, helpful tools and best practices to keep in mind.

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Design systems can be daunting but can pay off in a big way if you spend the time to lay the foundations. If you want to use a robust design system right away, visit and give my very own design system a go!

So here are the areas we will cover (I will update the links as they get posted)

With more sophisticated design tools, design systems are starting to get more and more popular, and with good reason. They help you keep a consistent theme, rules or structure across your file or multiple projects. And, with the features in Sketch and Figma to create master components, it is even more powerful to create or use design a handful of design systems that can be used as a starting point across projects.

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Creating a design system can be daunting, I should know, as I recently created …

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Today is January 21st, 2019. Last year was one of my more exciting years in a long time and in many different aspects of my life.

But the one aspect I want to talk about most in this post is the side-project side of things. But first, let me quickly introduce myself and give an overview of me.

Note: This is a long post, but I didn’t want to split this into two short ones. So, just a warning!

2017–2018. Hopes, Dreams and Procrastination.

I am a 27 (at the time of writing this) year old Product Designer based in England. I work remotely with…

Kieran Parker

Creative Director & Digital Product Designer. ⚡ ⚡ Maker of &

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