Calling All Explorers: Nyric Closed Alpha Test is Now Live on LAMINA1

5 min readFeb 1, 2024

Dive into our latest demo Space on the LAMINA1 Hub — Nyric, a generative AI multiverse platform currently in development by L1 Early Access Partner Lovelace Studio.

Attention L1 Beta testers — a new era of AI-powered, open world exploration is now live on the LAMINA1 Betanet. As of this week, we are excited to announce that a new Space called ‘Nyric’ is available for playtesting to all PC owners on the LAMINA1 Hub.

Per the game’s developer, Lovelace Studio, (an official member of the L1 Early Access Program) Nyric is a generative AI multiverse platform where you can create interactive landscapes with prompts, craft items, complete quests, and explore your creations.

We leaked a trailer of the new demo Space to the L1 community earlier this winter, and have just completed integrating it into our evolving Spaces & Items infrastructure on the LAMINA1 Betanet. We can’t wait for you to try it out.

Get Started: Nyric Playtesting 101

To begin playtesting Nyric, log in or create an account on the LAMINA1 Hub, then access the new Space by looking for it under the ‘Discover the Open Metaverse’ section on your LAMINA1 Hub Homepage.

Clicking on the Nyric thumbnail or Play button will take you to the Space’s details page. From there:

  1. Review the technical requirements, noting that Nyric is currently playable by PC testers ONLY.
  2. Press the ‘Download’ button beneath the Space’s title to download the game package to your computer.
  3. Unzip in a folder of your choice. From that folder, run the \winGameShipping\Windows\Alpha_V1.exe to launch the Nyric app.
  4. Press the “L1 Alpha” button in the Nyric app, where you will be prompted to input a sign in code from the LAMINA1 Hub.
  5. Finally, from the Space Details page, press the ‘Play’ button to generate your unique authentication code and paste it into the Nyric app.
A visual guide to the access and install directions posted above. Note that access codes can only be used once, and will expire after five minutes.

Again, please note that this version of Nyric is available to PC testers on LAMINA1 ONLY (though a Mac version is in the works!), and is a ‘Closed Alpha’ of the experience, meaning that the builds are not yet publicly available, and are currently in active feature development by the Lovelace team.

Active feature development means that everything, from the gameplay mechanics to the core game systems are still being actively worked on, and will dramatically change throughout the early access period (and even well beyond launch). Since this is an Alpha test, you may see a warning message from Windows about this build; you can safely ignore this message by clicking the More Info button, then clicking Play.

Once you’ve logged into Nyric, what you’ll need to do will be dictated to you by an in-game tutorial and adorable quest-giving Faebot that will challenge you to collect, craft, and interact with items inside the AI-generated environments you create. The Lovelace team also has a Gameplay Guide for LAMINA1 testers they’ll be building upon and updating, per community inputs, throughout the early alpha period.

To get a sneak peek at what to expect while playtesting on LAMINA1, check out Lovelace’s official Tips & Tricks video below:

Sharing Feedback

While you’re exploring Nyric, we encourage you to share thoughts and feedback on your in-game experience directly with the Lovelace team via this feedback form or this bug report survey.

If you have issues logging in, getting an access code to the game, or viewing the Unique World Item you generated on the LAMINA1 Hub, file a report to the LAMINA1 core team here.

Need live help or interested in learning more about the game’s development? We also encourage all Nyric playtesters to join the Lovelace Discord for direct access to their developers, official updates, and additional player resources, and dedicated FAQs that will help walk you through the experience.

For those interested in collaborating, the Lovelace website also has additional information about the Studio, its mission, and how to get involved with the Nyric project as it evolves and grows.

Nyric Questing on LAMINA1

To help guide the community through this latest launch, LAMINA1 will be releasing five Nyric-related Quests alongside the public launch of the experience on the LAMINA1 Zealy page.

Note that three of these quests can be completed by all L1 community members, regardless of your testing device, operating system, or ability to access the experience.

However, two quests can only be completed by PC users who are able to successfully download and run the game. See below for the tech specs you’ll need to play Nyric (and apologies in advance to any Mac or mobile users who might miss out):

OS: Windows 10+
GPU: Dedicated (minimum nVidia 2070 series, 30XX+ preferred)
Graphics: DirectX 12
RAM: At least 8gb of RAM, 16gb+ preferred
Storage: 8GB
Peripherals: Keyboard and mouse

Please note that an average playtest session for Nyric will take you between 15–30 minutes of in-world exploration, so please plan your Questing accordingly. Per the Lovelace Studio team, world persistence is in development but not yet ready, so the world states will currently only be saved within the finalized, limited-edition NFT that will be awarded to you for completing a full playtest.

Questions about the new demo Space, what Lovelace is building toward, and/or how we integrated it onto LAMINA1?

Join us for an AMA with the Lovelace Studio team on Friday, 2/9 at 9:00am PST, where we’ll dive deep into their vision, development process, and future roadmap for Nyric, while also providing an update to the L1 community about new Spaces, updates, and integrations we’re planning as we move toward Mainnet on LAMINA1.

This is just the beginning of Nyric on LAMINA1. Future releases/patches to the Space plan to incorporate features like multiplayer functionality, persistent story progression, shared survivalcraft achievements, man-made structures, new geological formations, and deeper NPCs/creatures.

Thanks in advance for testing, and we can’t wait for you to help us and the Lovelace Studio team build upon it together.