Secure Your OG Metaverse Handle: The LAMINA1 Identity Service is Now Live

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Starting today, all LAMINA1 Beta testers can secure a unique username on the LAMINA1 Hub. Here’s what that means for your future identity in the open metaverse.

September 13, 2023 — Metaverse builders, the time is now to start laying the groundwork for your open metaverse identity. As of today, the LAMINA1 Identity Service is now live on Betanet & community members can begin reserving unique usernames on the LAMINA1 Hub.

This service is one of the foundational building blocks we needed to lay down to ensure privacy and prosperity for users in the metaverse as they move through it, its design informed by the Identity Litepaper we published and collaborated on together earlier this spring.

The rollout of usernames and the L1IS should also make sending and receiving transactions and items (coming soon!) easier for users, as you’ll now be able to use your unique username in place of the traditional wallet-style alphanumeric address currently associated with your Hub account.

Read on for more information about key launch in Beta and what it means for your future identity in the open metaverse.

Introducing: The LAMINA1 Identity Service

With this latest Beta/Hub release, LAMINA1 is testing out a new Identity Service alongside our community, called the LAMINA1 Identity Service, or L1IS.

This service has been developed in-house at LAMINA1 using both ENS smart contracts and custom-built smart contracts, and works by linking your account to a new, specialized Identity Subnet on LAMINA1 designed with the sole purpose of providing secure, decentralized identity services for its users.

The following diagram illustrates an overview of the L1ISv1 system architecture we are currently using for the LAMINA1 Hub and Betanet:

Here, the L1 Identity Subnet is a new subnet on the L1 Betanet with the purpose of providing identity services for its users. At its most basic, it is a smart contract that determines which usernames are available, the parameters for setting a username, and which Betanet address or identity that username is attached to.

In this system, whenever an L1 user reserves a new username, their account will interact with LAMINA1’s custom ID Bot, which operates a new faucet for L1 ID tokens. This faucet is designed to give users very limited amounts of L1 ID tokens to facilitate the purchase of usernames, only enough to pay for transaction fees. Under the current L1 Identity Service Architecture, drip requests to reserve new usernames will renew for users every 24 hours.

For more in-depth information about how the L1IS works and its underlying engineering, visit our latest update to the L1 Users & Developers Guide, which we’ve compiled for a full community audit and review at

Registering Your First L1 Username

In the L1 ecosystem, usernames signify the unique named address of your LAMINA1 Hub account. They can be used to personalize your profile in place of the alphanumeric ‘hash’ (e.g. traditional Web3 ‘wallet’ style address) currently linked to your Hub.

To set up a your first username on the LAMINA1 Hub, follow the simple instructions below:

1. Connect to the LAMINA1 Hub using the sign-in method you typically use to log on to your account

Connect to the LAMINA1 Hub at

2. Set your username using the prompt screen that will automatically appear when you sign into the Hub (If you don’t see this screen or skip it, you can also set or change your username via the Hub ‘Settings’ Page anytime)

The new username onboarding flow you should see when signing on to your LAMINA1 Hub account.
You can also set or change your username anytime using the ‘Settings’ Page on your LAMINA1 Hub.

3a. If your preferred username is available, hit ‘Confirm’ to view your username and the unique 4-number ID that will be attached to the end of it. If you do not like the ID that was automatically generated for you, you can regenerate it by selecting the ‘New Code’ button on the right.

This UI might look slightly different to you, but the effect is the same.

3b. If your username is not available or flagged as invalid, try inputting a new one, keeping the following L1 Username Guidelines & Recommendations and Smart Contract Parameters in mind

We’ve designed the L1NS to be ENS compatible. We also recommend users consider DNS compatibility when setting their usernames to ensure max interoperability in the future.

4. Once you’ve confirmed your username and unique 4-number ID, select continue, which will temporarily connect to the L1 Identity Subnet and redirect you to your ‘Home’ Page. Congrats. You have officially registered your first username on the LAMINA1 Hub!

Right now, users can use their usernames to easily Send/Receive L1 Betanet tokens, without having to copy and paste in their full LAMINA1 Hub address.

Soon, you’ll be able to use them to send items and messages, identify yourself in upcoming space and experiences, block or whitelist users, and more as the LAMINA1 Hub expands.

Right now, reserving a Standard Username is free for all users on the LAMINA1 Hub, and you can technically reserve/change your username as many times as you want. However, we’ll be rolling out a new paid naming service for Premium Usernames with slightly different features soon as the L1IS continues in development.

To read more about the upcoming launch of Premium Usernames and what they will mean for you as a metaverse builder, creator or brand, check out our new section in the L1 Users & Developers guide here.

Betanet Quests: L1IS Edition

Finally, alongside the rollout of L1IS, we are launching 4 new quests this week to celebrate the release and incentivize initial testing of this fundamental building block of our emerging open metaverse platform:

To share the announcement post for L1NS and amplify the launch to the rest of the L1 community, visit this post on our Twitter page.

To reserve your username, follow the directions above afterconnecting to, then take a screenshot of your username in action and share it with us on this LAMINA1 Zealy Quest.

We also have an L1IS/Identity Intro survey for all initial testers here that will help inform future ID functionality and development as we prepare to roll out Premium usernames to the Hub.

Finally, this Friday 9/15 at 11:15am PST, we will be hosting an AMA with our Product and Engineering teams about the design and development of the L1IS, and what usernames mean for LAMINA1 Hub users. To submit a question & redeem some XP, fill out this form.

Additional Updates

For those tracking with the rest of our community launches and initiatives, a few additional updates we’d like to share on Betanet progress, testing, and rewards:

  • Our first cohort of Partner Validators are now officially up and running on the LAMINA1 Betanet! Next week, we’ll be focusing on getting delegation up and running to support them and the decentralization of the L1 network. Stay tuned for an upcoming education post & targeted quests next week around this exciting new development.
  • For community members interested in claiming upcoming testing incentives/rewards, a quick reminder to link your active Discord to the Zealy you are using to track your XP to ensure best possible outcome for your engagement score. The deadline for this is Thursday 9/14. For more information, see this post on our Discord.
  • Finally, our Betanet Airdrop continues to be delayed as we sort out the community data, allocations, and tokenomics of the drop. The L1 core team will keep the community updated on the drop. If you haven’t yet already, catch up on the specifics by flipping through the PDF presentation below:
See here for a link to the full presentation and announcement AMA :)

Thank you & Happy Testing!




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