photo by Greg Rakozy

Everything around you is impossible.

Yet, here they are, they exist.

My favorite channel is National Geographic (and NatGeo Wild). One show that I’ve been watching and that I like very much is “Genius” by Stephen Hawking. This show just leaves me in awe and wonder.

My favorite part is when they talk about the Universe, our Galaxy, the Milky Way etc… I have to admit I almost teared up because it was just so beautiful. The universe is such a vast and wonderful place! It’s overwhelming!

One of the questions asked was “Are we alone (in the universe)?” In my opinion, we certainly are not. And I wish I could be there when we discover another planet full of life. Unfortunately, it’s going to take a lot of time. And by then I will be gone…

However, this subject got me thinking. A lot of people would think that an alien life would be impossible. Some people would think that earth is the only habitable planet in this giant galaxy of ours. My thoughts on this is that an alien life is far from impossible. If you have watched the same “Genius” episode as me then you would know that in our galaxy there is approximatively 300 billion stars. If you’re wondering how much that is, take a pile of 460 tons of sand, that is about 300 billion individual grains of sand. That’s a lot of sand!

So if you take that into consideration inbetween the 300 billion stars you’re meant to tell me that there is only one planet habitable? That’s unlikely.

If you look around you. I mean if you really look at our world. Things around you are impossible. Things around us should be impossible. Take the human being for instance. In order for us to do such a simple thing as to move our little pinky finger there are little “machines” working their magic inside of us. Also in one of the episodes of “Genius”, they talked about the man that discovered what was inside a drop of water. Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, therefore discovered micro-organisms. Basically, there are little things moving inside a drop of water in order for it to be water. Or something like that, I’m not sure I’m bad at science. So if you want to know everything then you should watch “Genius”. It’s Brilliant! One might even say that it is genius! *Ba-dum-tss*

Everything around us seems impossible at some point. It seems ridiculous. It seems crazy. It seems weird. And yet here everything is, everything exists. And yet here you are, you exist.

“Everything seems impossible until you make it a possibility.” — Lalaina Rackson

So why wouldn’t there be an alien life out there? To me it seems far from impossible. To me it is most certain that there is another life out there. It just is extremely complicated to unravel this mystery…

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