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We’ve run quite a few experiments at Product Hunt in 2015 — however one of them stood out. Here’s how we tested the idea before implementing it.

At Product Hunt, I’ve been focusing on prototyping and running experiments, adopting a lightweight, iterative approach to improve the experience for our community.

One particular recurring internal discussion has been when to add a login option besides Twitter. For us Twitter plays an important role — our community loves Twitter and uses it to continue many of the conversations that begin on Product Hunt.

We’ve also built in-depth integrations, like ShareMeow:

Focusing on Twitter as the first platform made sense for us given our community’s use of Twitter and it would have taken a lot of effort to…

Imagine the following situation: You are in the office working on the next release of your software product. Suddenly your co-founder storms in and starts talking about the excellent new idea he just had.

You end up in a long discussion about the future of the company, only to resume work on the old release. You feel exhausted, not motivated and are happy when you finally leave the office.

That story is a symptom of a larger problem — we question what we are doing, whilst we are doing it. In my own experience this has lead to a lot…

Lukas Fittl

Here be dragons

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