Hello, #XLNArmy!

We are calling out to all artists, metaverse architects and designers in our community!

LunaOne has always prided ourselves in being a community-first project. We are excited to announce that, as of today, the Spaceship Design Competition is here!

Starting now, our submission period opens for spaceship designs that will allow our community to traverse within the LunaOne Metaverse.

This is a meaningful opportunity not only to BUILD in the LunaOne Metaverse, but to actually be INVOLVED in the upside of our rapidly growing community!

Winning submissions will receive $2,000 in XLN tokens.

The contest will run through October 31, 2022!


  • All submissions must be original. (Plagiarism will NOT be tolerated.)
  • Designs must be in 2D
  • Three separate views (Top, Side, 3/4 view)

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LunaOne is a new generation platform that will be a foundation for the virtual society with all aspects of social life.