MediConnect adding another Ambassador to the team.

Dr James Weems, is a qualified GP with nearly ten years experience, with a successful practice in Leigh, Greater Manchester. He qualified from the University of Manchester in 2007 and spent his junior doctor years learning the trade in Wigan.

He hold a membership of the Leigh Primary Care Network Executive Team and also the Crowd Doctor at Oldham Athletic AFC, previously he held roles at Wigan CCG, Health First CIC (a federation of GP practices) and the Healthier Wigan Partnership.

Dr Weems said “The emergence of Blockchain technology will inevitable do a…

Billionaire medical cannabis mogul confirms partnerships with MediConnect

The business mogul Maximilian White who launched a company focused on the production, research, cultivation, processing, and distribution of the highest quality medical cannabis for the pharmaceutical industry has revealed his latest partnership.

The savvy millionaire has finalised the collaboration with MediConnect to incorporate the use of their medical blockchain to ensure his company stays well ahead of the competition.

Mr. White said:

“We want to ensure that we not only are ahead of everyone in the industry by using the latest and best technologies, but also to be well prepared for…


MediConnect has taken the decision to upgrade their MEDICONNECT Token (MEDI) from an SRC-20 to an ERC-20. utility token.

This will result in the current MEDI tokens (SRC-20) exchanged for a new MEDI token (ERC-20) which will represent a 1:1 swap.

The benefits of this upgrade include:

  • Faster and more decentralised
  • • Enhanced stability
  • • No more syncing issues
  • • Enhanced capability to unlock DeFi and staking programs in the future
  • • Easier to purchase, send and receive MEDI tokens

For those who store their tokens on exchanges, the swap will be done automatically.


MediConnect Roadmap

MediConnect is excited to announce an updated Development Roadmap for 2021 although changes and further development could be added to this update, we thought it would be exciting to share some of the things we have in store for the future. The below graphic highlights the upcoming developments from MediConnect proposed timeline.

SAVE LIVES with MediConnect

Dr Wesley Tensel studied medicine at the University of Cambridge and now is the senior partner in a successful general practice surgery in Greater Manchester. For over a decade he has also worked closely with professional footballers in his role as a Club Doctor. He has knowledge of blockchain technology and its potential use in the medical industry.

“As a general practitioner I can see clear benefits of the blockchain being used to track the movement and usage of prescription drugs. …

MediConnect partners with Rishabh Software to build medical supply chain management platform

Blockchain-based Pilot application will automatically authenticate PPE and medication to prevent counterfeit products

(Nottingham, United Kingdom – 12 August 2020): MediConnect, the developer of a framework blockchain solution to efficiently manage the medical supply chain, today announces that it has signed an agreement with enterprise application software development company, Rishabh Software, to build the Pilot of its healthcare platform.

As MediConnect’s technical development partner, Rishabh Software will build the first blockchain-based platform to manage the supply chain for ordering personal protective equipment (PPE) and medication from multiple healthcare…

The impact of the new coronavirus disease, COVID-19, is being felt around the world. We believe we are better when we work together. It’s important for us all to take the necessary steps to keep ourselves, our loved ones and our local and global communities safe and supported.

If you would like to share accurate information from the World Health Organization and spread messages of support to your community, here is an article that can help during this tough time.

Stopping the COVID-19 is a team effort and these 7 tips could help you greatly.

The pharmaceutical industry is currently facing a regulation and monitoring problem which is causing an increase in drug addictions, death rates due to drug addiction, production of counterfeit drugs, fraudulent prescriptions issued by unqualified professionals, lack of control in patient data, therefore, there is no information on how the drugs are being prescribed and many more issues.

Being an industry that is facing significant problems, the healthcare & pharmaceutical industry is one of the few trillion-dollar verticals in the world, financially worth more than $900 billion annually as shown in a recent Business Research Company report which is growing steadily.

Estonia is a country which is hit hard by the epidemic of opioid overdose.
People in other countries coping with overdoses will learn a lot from the
Estonian case about what works and what doesn’t work in avoiding death and

Estonia has an adult literacy rate of 99.8 percent; it is also a sporty country except neighbouring Finland with more Olympic medals per person. Yet Estonia still comes out on top of another, less optimistic statistic: a higher proportion of its people die from drug overdoses than any other European country.

Drug abuse in Estonia

According to the latest European Drug Report published…

As we enter March, MediConnect thinks it’s time to make sure the community is more included in the company’s development and progress. This is why we have decided to launch our first Q&A, with the hashtag #AskMediConnect.

You responded with lots of questions about a whole range of relevant topics. We gathered all of your questions and answered them here on Medium to ensure the whole community has the very latest information.

Mediconnect first Q&A

Tokens and exchanges

  1. When will the Bounty coins be distributed?
    We have already distributed the ICO coins. Distributing coins for the Bounty Programme is the next step and this will happen within…


DLT Solution For The Pharmaceutical Industry Using Blockchain Technology.

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