And how to replicate the process.

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YouTube is an amazing website. Despite the problems, it gave everyone the opportunity to become video creators. I was one of those people. For three years, I lived and breathed YouTube. In 2018, I sold my channel to a larger company in my niche. And this is how I did it. If you’re curious, you can find the channel here. I’m no longer affiliated with it, but many of my old videos still remain public. Including many of the most popular ones.

These are all the things I did to grow and market my channel. I never spent a cent on shoutouts or ads. All the growth was organic. And these are the things you can do to achieve similar results. …

Programming is a breeze with these extensions.

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Programming is already difficult. You need to save as much time & mental energy as possible. These extensions will help you do just that.

Code Spell Checker

Have you ever been working on a website and you notice when you previewing the site in your browser, that you spelt a word wrong in the body text? Then you go back over to VS Code to fix it. And you realize you have no idea how to spell the word Entrepreneur. Then you have to Google it. …

Install Anaconda quickly & easily like this.

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Anaconda logo

Anaconda is an amazing tool for Python and R. It helps simplify package management and deployment. It’s used for Data Science, Machine Learning, and Web Development.


First things first, you will need to download Anaconda from the official website which you can find here. Make sure you’re downloading the proper version for your operating system & processor. You’re probably using Windows 10. But you also need to make sure you’re using the right version for your processor. It will either be 64-bit or 32-bit.

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To find your system’s processor type, go into your windows search bar & type in system information. Something from the control panel should appear. Look under system type and it will likely say x64-based processor. Most computers these days are 64-bit anyway, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. …

#11 You’ll have a better relationship with reality

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Programming exploded in popularity these last few years. A lot of that hype is from the prospect of landing a high paying job. But there are so many other benefits of programming. It can empower you to change the world and even rewire your brain.

Balance between theory & practice

Knowledge is power… so they say. But is it? You can be extremely knowledgeable about many different subjects and still be a complete failure. Just take a look at most college graduates these days. Knowledge is only useful if you can put it into practice. …

Start learning the most employable library right now.

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React is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks on the market, and shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. React is where the most developers, jobs, and opportunities exist. That’s not to say other frameworks & libraries are useless, but if you’re serious about your career, you should stick with React.

React is a fairly complicated JavaScript framework, and I’d strongly recommend starting by learning HTML & JavaScript. That will make your life a lot easier.

Why is React so popular?

React has the popularity it does because some of the brightest minds in programming built & maintain it (hint: Facebook engineers). Even if you don’t like Facebook for privacy reasons, they employ some of the greatest minds in the industry. …

Ego, Identity, & Perfectionism may be harming you.

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Problem: A strong desire for material success
Solution: Identify with work ethic & effort, not results


Problem: Always seeking a sense of identity (work, hobbies, etc)
Solution: Accept yourself as you are. Ayn Rand once said, “To say “I love you” one must know first how to say the “I”.”


Problem: Everything becomes extremely taxing — so don’t do anything
Solution: Identify goal & minimum viable effort to get there

Listen to the podcast version (much more depth).


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Immediately understand everyone.

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You can start using the MBTI to understand everyone you meet today.

Most people are under the impression you need to take the test. Or force everyone you meet to take it. (Please don’t be one of those.) Truth be told, you don’t need a test. If you hone your observational skills, you can easily “type” someone in a matter of minutes depending on the person and your skill level.

Type = Assign someone an MBTI score

*Disclaimer — This takes time and practice and depends on your emotional and situational awareness. It also varies from person to person. No, not every person on Earth can easily be typed this way. That’s not what this article is about. …

Lesson we should all internalize.

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You’ll reap what you sow

I’ve never been a strong believer in karma or cosmic justice or anything like that. But, to some extent, it works.

I have studied countless political extremists and this is always how it plays out. The negativity they put out into the world bites them in the bud. Really badly.

The best example I’ve seen is Leon Trotsky. He may have started out as a utopian socialist. But he quickly became a monster in the USSR. He led massive propaganda campaigns against innocent people and even encouraged war crimes against civilians.

He was responsible for the suffering of millions of soviet citizens. And the ultimate irony is that the government he helped to create, assassinated him in the end. …

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Credit to Jimmy on Pexels.

History is attacked as being a “useless” subject in school. The system does not do history justice. I’ll give you that. Memorizing random dates and names is a waste of your time. Let’s not pretend otherwise.

But history might be the most important subject as far as I’m concerned. There are so many benefits people rarely discuss.

Get Perspective

Life can seem unbearable at times. When there’s a new update that ruins the functionality of your favorite program (I’m looking at you Microsoft Word). Or you don’t land the dream job you want after graduating college. Life is tough.

To live is to suffer. But we know very little about suffering. Sometimes, I start to think, “my life is so hard.” When I do, I try to remember what life was like for people in Medieval Europe. It was insanely difficult. …

The mindset that ended autocracy

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The Tsar and his cronies had the Russian people by the neck. There were no rights. No freedom. Imagine being a citizen then. You were poor. Your children were freezing. And your future was bleak.

Many responded to the situation by protesting. Others, by provoking revolution. Trotsky was one of the many revolutionaries. But the problem is that… overthrowing the government is hard. This leads us to our first lesson from Trotsky.

Chase big goals

Complete destruction of the government. That’s what Trotsky wanted. A government hundreds of years old steeped in tradition. Unchecked power, and loyalty from a population too illiterate to resist. That’s what Trotsky was overthrowing. This was so unlikely, that many called it impossible. …


Michael Macaulay


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