MojoPals — Visual Guide to Milestones!

3 min readAug 2, 2022

These are the strategies to earning MojoMilestones.

Imagine getting awarded digital trophies made of fine art by simply collecting and holding the NFTs you already love. Now imagine those trophies offer special powers!

This is MojoMilestones, and we’ll show you how to earn them!

How it works

Hold the right Mojo NFTs to achieve Milestones!

Collect Mojo NFTs! Some are free and easy, others are for sale. We create the blueprint, you master it! There are 28 total strategies to master.

Hold the NFTs required (per strategy) and delist for 90 days to achieve and claim a Milestone. Additional milestones can be earned every 90 days.

Rewards are never guaranteed, but we always look for opportunities to give back to Milestone holders. In the future when regulations are clearer, we hope to launch a token designed to reward Milestone holders.

Milestone Strategies (4)

Our PFP collection, MojoPals, features 4 Milestones to achieve!

MojoPals are the first digital trading card collection for PFPs. Every MojoPal is airdropped free to holders of MojoHeads and the respective partner project.

📖 Learn more about MojoPals.

Strategy #1
Pals Ninja — Hold and delist any 5 unique MojoPals for 90 days.

Visual sample to earn the Pals Ninja Milestone

Strategy #2
Pals Hero — Hold and delist any 10 unique MojoPals for 90 days.

Visual sample to earn the Pals Hero Milestone

Strategy #3
Legendary Pals— Hold (and delist) any 3 unique Legendary MojoPals for 90 days.

Visual sample to earn the Pals Hero Milestone

Strategy #4
Golden Pal — Hold the complete set of 16 MojoPals!

Visual sample to earn the Golden Pal Milestone

Checkout which Milestones you qualify for and claim below!

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Milestone strategies and trophy tiers are subject to change, but we hope not!




Collect PFP trading cards to earn Mojo Milestones! Vector derivatives by the team @joypixels. MojoPals are free to claim. 🔥 From the makers of @mojoheadsnft