This is a notice from the Purple Butterfly Trading development team.

Thank you so much for using our PBTT app. We want to inform you that we’ve just launched ver 2.0 of the PBTT app.

Below are the new features and updates in the new version;

・All Users by New Followers/Profit and Price Range

・Add Telegram link to Login page and Help page

・Add hyperlinks to dashboard

・Add hyperlinks to user names in all pages in the admin site

・P Coin functions

・Real-time push notifications for trades conducted by users you have followed

The latest version of the PBT App is available here.

*HitBTC information required

Thank you.

See more Information:



Twitter :


Thank you to everyone who participated in the PurpleButteflyTrading Token (PBTT) airdrop!

Distribution of PBTT tokens began in the final week of May, targeting all registered users who met our airdrop conditions, and has now been successfully completed.

Thank you again for all your support. We hope to continue developing PurpleButterflyTrading into an exciting service that will benefit our users, so please stay tuned to our project!

*Details on our airdrop conditions can be found here.

*Tokens have not been distributed to those who did not meet our conditions. Please note: we CANNOT respond to questions from those who did not meet our conditions regarding the lack of token distribution.

*For any other questions, please contact us through Telegram.

Thank you all for registering for the PurpleButterflyTrading airdrop!

We closed the airdrop on April 22, after receiving registrations from 67,630 Telegram users and 22,408 Twitter users.

We’re thrilled that so many people have shown interest in our project. Thank you!

We plan to start distributing the PBTT tokens to registered participants during the last week of May.

*Airdrop conditions may change without notice.

For all supporters who have registered,

To receive your tokens when the time comes, please make sure to note of the following details.

1. Tokens will be AirDropped to those who have registered on this Telegram and who have kept the same Twitter user name as of May.

2. We will…

A big thanks to all of you have signed up for the PBTT Airdrop!

We’re overwhelmed by the positive reaction to our project and your interest in PBTT.

This is to let you know that the deadline for registrations will be April 22.

As announced earlier, we’ll be airdropping 1PBTT (around $3-$5USD*) to the accounts of all of you who have met our signup conditions during the last week of May.

If you haven’t signed up yet, don’t miss this chance to receive PBTT and be a part of the PurpleButterflyTrading project!

Questions? Check out our FAQ:

* As…

Purple Butterfly Trading

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