Pangolin Token-$SCALE: Tokenomics, Utility, and Beyond

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4 min readSep 14, 2023

Total Tokens: 40 Million
Token Price: TBA — See IDO Pass DAO Launchpad

Sale (35%): The token sale will be conducted wholly on the IDO Pass DAO’s Launchpad. Holders of $IDP and IDO PASS DAO’s Founders/Member Passes will have early access, with a public round to follow.

NFT Vaulting (25%): $SCALE can be earned post-mint through vaulting Pangolin NFTs. Pangolin NFTs will be granted to long-term vaulters of $SCALE. For more information on how to obtain the free Pangolin Protocol NFT (our highest reward offering mechanic) please read on.

Core Team (6%): Tokens allocated to the team will be released over two years.

LP (6%): 6% of tokens will be added to the Liquidity Pool (LP) at a value equivalent to the public sale price; DEX/s TBA.

Marketing (8%): Allocated to project and client-project marketing.

Incentivized “Stakepool” (4%): $SCALE and partner project tokens will be used to incentivize participation in the “stake pool”. Profits from minting blocks will be used to purchase $SCALE from secondary markets, to refuel the “stakepool”.

Partners (5%): Strategic partnerships with prominent projects within the Cardano ecosystem. Partner project NFTs can receive rewards through our true non custodial partner rewards program.

IDP Holders (1%): IDO Pass Launchpad usage fee. Tokens will be airdropped to Founder Pass and Member Pass holders.

Token Vaulting(10%): Vaulting $SCALE on the vaulting platform earns $SCALE rewards. Vaulting 1000 $SCALE grants (1) share to that holder. Each share receives a portion of long-term vaulting incentive tokens. There are incentivization’s in place to reward longer term vaulting. These rewards will be distributed over one year at a fixed rate, and reevaluated after that period depending on our cyclical mechanisms.


Project Minting Costs:

Projects seeking to mint on our platform will vault a negotiated quantity of $SCALE. 50% of vaulted tokens will be released back to mint-client upon milestone completion, 25% will be burned, and the remaining 25% will be returned to the vaulting and “stake pool” rewards programs. Minting service fees will vary based on project requirements. All other services will be rendered in $ADA. 50% of profits from these services will be used for $SCALE buybacks, these tokens will also be added to the reward pools. This is one of our cyclical, deflationary, burn, and reward mechanisms.

Holder Benefits:

  • Profits generated from Pangolin Protocol’s services rendered will be split: 50% to the team and 50% for market token buybacks.
  • Pangolin NFTs — Token vaulting earns one NFT for every 5,000 $SCALE vaulted. Tokens must be vaulted for (4) months within the six months following the vaulting platform release. This benefit can be stacked without limit.
  • Guaranteed Allowlist — Vaulting 5,000+ vaulted tokens are guaranteed pre-mint access to all protocol client mints.
  • Discounted Mints — Vaulting a minimum of 5,000 Pangolin tokens will grant a 10% discount on each NFT minted.

“Stake Pool” Rewards:

$ADA profits earned from minting blocks on Cardano will be used to buy back $SCALE. These tokens will be returned to the “stake pool”, vaulting, and rewards systems.

Raffle System/Mint with $SCALE:

NFTs from each client mint will be allocated to our minting and lottery platform. These platforms function solely on $SCALE. Tokens captured from raffles and mints will be returned to our rewards programs.

Long-Term Vaulting Incentives and NFTs!

As detailed in our Tokenomics, 10% of tokens will be distributed to long-term vaulters through the vaulting system, available to all who vault sets of 1,000 $SCALE, and distributed based on shares. Each 1000 $SCALE vaulted equals (1) share.

Token vaulters earn (1) NFT for every 5,000 $SCALE vaulted. Tokens must be vaulted for (4) months within the six months following the vaulting platform release. This benefit can be stacked without limit.

Utility may extend beyond these horizons as we build more partnerships and expand our services.

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Pangolin Protocol

Pangolin Protocol aims to put an end to bad actors in Cardano with our Escrow Minting Protocol. With beneficial tokenomics, and a suite of services to offer!