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Hi, I’m Dan. I’m a college student. I write poetry.


Image by blauth434 on PIxabay

When Alfonso
on a project,
he dedicates
himself to it

Alfonso, a good
example of putting
one’s Heart
and Soul
completely into
his work.

He starts
by playing
“Eye of the Tiger,”
and then gets
his hands dirty,
his effort
to chopping
a tree down
with one’s
bare hands.

For example,
fifteen years ago
Alfonso decided to
go on morning
runs with his
golden retriever.

Alfonso, now 86,
still goes on morning
runs with his
golden retriever
who would
call him Al
or Poncho
If she could.

Once, during
one of his
a bunch of
men in…


Illustration by Abigail Del Grosso on Instagram

From bed, I flinch as I hear
the Robin’s call
at 5:21 in the morning
as I am trying to sleep,
“Cheerily, cheer up, cheer up, cheerily, cheer up.”

The irony.
In and of itself,
the song is pleasant —
it’s the hour that makes it agonizing

All the while, the poor chap
is just trying
to get some tail.

I roll over,
and the Robin sounds again,
“Cheerily, cheer up, cheer up, cheerily, cheer up.”

All the different Birds are persons, mind you,
and they have personalities to boot.

Although Birds are largely concerned with sex
and their next…


Image by blauth434 on PIxabay

We got a new refrigerator
in the laboratory.

The three manual men
escorted it
and we all tried to
move our bulletproof,
fireproof, foolproof
minus 80 fridgerator.

Minus 80 beeped and wailed
for it hates room temperature.

There was also
a vast magnet the size
of a lawnmower,
destined for
the landfill,
but it’s head was big
and kept banging
against the door.

The guys were going
to find a screwdriver to
screw off the magnet’s
head, but while two
of them were walking
away, I found an
easier way to
decapitate it and
spotlighted to
the third.



Image by blauth434 on PIxabay

Stephen was
when Cassandra told her
circle of friends
she was
changing her
major, clear as the
face of a child,
a momentous shift
in her life.

He was seated
on the same
large sofa,
on an
opposite corner.

From this spot
he called,
“Excuse me,
are you changing
your major?”

Her friends
were struck silent,
who had been offering her
first person pronouns
in sentence fragments,
always along the lines
of “I this..”
and “I that..” …


Image by blauth434 on PIxabay

2 p.m., the thirteenth of July.
I walk out of the
elevator onto the
roof — alive and kicking.
I’m ecstatic, like I’m
in a lucid dream
because this was the first time
I stepped foot on the rooftop
greenhouse of the science center.

“Have you ever been up here before?”
asks the key wielding summer scholar.
“No!” a statement of my emotion and awe.
He nonchalantly moves right along
to water the plants but I stop and gather
my bearings on the grassy hill.
The Philadelphia city skyline is visible. …

Daniel Barry

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