THAR token contract swap

Token swap will be carried out in Tuesday 18th of September. Trading will be stopped for this day and all open orders will be closed.

Token swap ration is 1/4 . In general contract swap with changing total supply of tokens or not compensating all tokens will lead automatic delisting from Ecex Exchange.

Token was initially listed as community without clear financial goal:

THAR token is 100% free erc20 token
THAR token airdrop. …

Ecex Exchange is introducing new airdrops distribution policy. From now on if not stated otherwise 1/3 of airdop tokens amount is divided between Ecex Exchange accounts with Ziggurat (ZIG) token balance 2000 or over. Distribution is proportional to ZIG tokens balance.

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Ziggurat tokens are the fuel of Ecex Exchange — service fees can be paid on ZIG and some are only on ZIG. Fees are often cheaper on ZIG. All tokens are also traded against ZIG.

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Ecex Exchange and PRT Token delisting

Palace Residence token (PRT) team has decided unilaterally change token contract from 0xc7a61bbf314a4aca8e2b37e50ea024e80e3ffe9f to 0xa617e4728f216009b86354797d8d2305d3380179 keeping token’s name and same time carrying out redenomination from Total Supply: 4,365,000,000 PRT to Total Supply 404,365,000,000 PRT. This will mean that Ecex Exchange customers will most likely take 100 times loss in their asset value. …

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