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2 min readNov 9, 2018 has in the last 1 year become one of Nigeria’s most sorted for bitcoin platforms.

Although “How To Buy and Sell Bitcoin on” already is on our FAQ, many people forget the FAQ most time and still ask many times how to Buy or Sell Bitcoin on

First, visit the website and be sure you are on the right website that looks like this at the time of this post

If you are a new user, you can register by clicking on Create Account or Login if you are already registered as shown below.

From this point, we assume you have successfully registered your account and therefore will like to proceed with verification.

Check your registered email so as to VERIFY YOUR EMAIL (check SPAM if mail is not found in INBOX)


For every new client, it is important we verify your person.

You will have to

upload CLEAR

1. *Regulatory ID (either Driver’s License, National ID, Voter’s Card, Nigerian International Passport, and or More.)

2.* Address verification (either of Regulatory Bills: NEPA Bills, Water Bills, Bank Statement and or More.)

You may visit directly from this page or simply from your logged in account, Click Account Verification

On the verification page, please follow the on-screen information to successfully upload the required documents.

Then click Save/Submit

Allow time for our Team to check your documentation and if everything goes well, we will confirm your account as VERIFIED.

If otherwise, we will not verify the account.

Verified or Otherwise, we shall inform you of the action via your email provided during registration to let you know your account status.

Engage us in a WhatsApp Chat: +2349079910061

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