Sell Bitcoin in Nigeria: How To Sell Bitcoin on

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2 min readNov 9, 2018

If you’re on this page, we assume these 2 things:

*You need Bitcoin and want a trusted buyer/platform

*You have registered already on and want to know how you can sell your bitcoin!

If you have not yet registered on before, please visit this page to learn how to signup, log in and verify your account.

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First, login into your account, and click EXCHANGE located in the MENU, it will return you to the HOMEPAGE of

In the SEND section… Click on the drop-down and choose BANK TRANSFER (Currency) if sending money in exchange for Bitcoin or Other Crypto-Currency

Fill out the amount in accordance with your chosen currency (BTC) value usually.

The website quickly calculates what you will RECEIVE in relation to what you have in SEND.

Click Exchange after you have correctly entered all the details above.

Next is to do the payment.


The image above shows a button. Click on The BITCOIN PAY NOW Button, it will show you a randomly generated Bitcoin address as seen below.

Send the exact amount of Bitcoin as entered in the Exchange Box to the BITCOIN ADDRESS shown to you to initiate the process.

Allow us 20–30 minutes to put your Order through.

Pls, note that we largely depend on a minimum of 3 blockchain transaction confirmations until then, Transactions may be unattended or canceled, or refunded.



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