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Project: Pigeon
4 min readJun 30, 2022

In last week’s article, we discussed some advancements made in Augmented Reality (AR) as part of our metaverse strategy.

This week, we thought it would be a good opportunity to summarise the progress made across all parts of our Metaverse ecosystem (especially as today is the last day of Q2 2022).

Augmented Reality

As a quick primer from last week, we have been working on an Augmented Reality solution to increase accessibility and total available use cases within our ecosystem.

Current features of the AR program include:

  • Placing your environment wherever there is suitable space (a flat plane)
  • Navigation of the environment by moving your phone/walking around
  • Voice chat to interact with other users within the environment
  • Wallet connect for seamless integration and ability to load custom environments
I can think of a few exciting use cases for this, what about you?

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality was one of the first use cases we started working on as part of our metaverse strategy. Multiple examples of our VR applications are available on Twitter.

By leveraging custom virtual environments and wallet integrations, users were able to load their own unique virtual environments.

VR is a great solution for increasing the immersive nature of social experiences. As 2018 study has indicated that 70%+ of VR headset owners are looking for additional social experiences, we know there is a strong demand for this kind of content.

The same photo seems pretty steep in VR!

As our AR and VR programs rely on the same infrastructure, we are also able to have both types of players engaging directly within the same experience. This way, no social experiences are reliant on one technology, minimising barriers to entry.

PC experiences

Guild Trading Co.

Our Guild, which dropped earlier this month, is our core MVP of a PC-based metaverse experience.

Move around a number of virtual environments by leveraging ‘portals’ and see the showcased NFTs from a number of collections!

When available, NFTs can be purchased directly within our experience for $VIVE. In a PC experience, navigation and interaction is incredibly easy.

The Guild will see 2 new collections launching within the next few weeks, so make sure to grind some $VIVE!

Why not pick up an Egg?!

Level Editor/ “World Builder”

You might have noticed that the core of each experience is using the same style. Each experience is utilising our Level Editor. By creating digital experiences in a familiar style and building framework, we’re hoping to minimise the barrier to entry of the metaverse and environment building.

We’ve thought of all kinds of exciting ways the level editor can be used. Uses cases may include:

  • Creating a virtual environment for you and your friends to join in VR
  • Creating a small statue or gallery to display wherever you want in AR
  • Creating your own virtual marketplace for people to purchase your NFTs on PC
What will you build? Try it out and show us your creations!

Future plans

The four core stages of our virtual experiences (AR, VR, PC environments and the Level Editor) are all at a strong first stage of development.

In the coming months, more features and updates will be included across all of these solutions prior to some early public testing.

Additionally, our story will be expanded, focussing on world-building and the value of the “portals” within our ecosystem. This will all be in preparation for private land ownership, which will be expanded upon in the future.

Interoperability of these experiences is pivotal for user experience.

If you like what we’re doing, get involved for free in whichever way you see fit.

How to Join our Ecosystem

By holding one (or more) of our Pigeon or Egg NFTs and playing their respective P2E games (Flappy Pigeon or Eggsplorer), you will be able to earn our utility token $VIVE. $VIVE can currently be used to purchase NFT Booster Packs, but will also have additional utilities both within and outside our metaverse experiences; examples of potential utilities include (but are not limited to) digital land, assets, and cosmetics.

Remember, these games are only P2E for Pigeon and Egg holders, so do not miss out!


Eggs & Booster Packs:

That’s all from us for this week, if you have any questions, you know where to find us:







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