Developers update #4

Oct 31, 2018 · 5 min read

Dear RPICoin Community,

Welcome to the Forth official RPICoin developers blogpost. It has been a very exciting time since our last developers update with some great announcements and development steadily ongoing in the background. We have some very exciting times ahead of us in the next quarter. To see what we have accomplished since our previous update continue reading!

About RPICoin:

RPICoin is an open- source cryptocurrency created in 2018, based on the Bitcoin protocol. RPICoin is a proof-of-stake (PoS) only currency and therefore more energy efficient than proof-of-work (PoW) based currencies. Our vision is to provide an easy to use, super fast coin with mobile staking supported features. Staking is possible on a variety of devices such as: Smartphones/Tablets running AndroidOS, BananaPi, SmartTV’s, RaspberryPI and many other ARM- based devices..🎯 You can earn up to 45% on your RPICoin investment through staking!

Aircoins Partnership

It was hard for the core development team not being able to share this amazing partnership with our loyal community. The aircoins partnership has been in the works for some time now and it is great to finally be able to share this officially with you.

Aircoins is an augmented reality crypto based game where you hunt for cryptocurrencies in and around your neighbourhood. The partnership has helped to bring greater awareness to RPI and introduced even more great people in to our community. If you have not checked out the Aircoins App yet then we urge you to do so. You can join other hunters and hunt down some free RPI coins! Learn more here

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CMC Listing

We are now officially listed on CoinMarketCap, which has been a thrilling experience and a sturdy pat on the back for our young and respectively small coin.

From day one the RPICoin team added high value when it comes to Transparency. CMC and our community can very easily track our premined RPICoins (10% of total supply) as we have full visibility on allocated funds/wallets to be found here.

Receiving an official listing is another great milestone in RPICoins short history.

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Gaming Platform:

We are still working on our gaming platform, however work on the Whitepaper -and some use case concepts that we wanted to explore before the release- have taken precedence over this. We hope to share more on this in an upcoming developers update.

Whitepaper and New Website:

The full Whitepaper outlining the direction and vision for the future of RPICoin will be released on Friday the 2nd of November 2018. A lot of hard work has gone into the Whitepaper already and as you know defining the direction we want the coin to take is a task we take very serious. Since we last wrote about this there have been new interesting developments -which will be addressed in the Whitepaper- that will prove RPICoin to be a powerful use case, an advanced protocol and adds further security to the network. Watch this space!

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Our fully redesigned Website will be released together with our Whitepaper on Friday the 2nd of November 2018. With this we are able to provide up-to date information about our Project in a clear manor.

Telegram & Lotteries

The RPI Telegram channel has been growing at and expansive rate! Both the Aircoins and CMC announcements pushed the numbers up rapidly. To make everyone feel welcome we have decided to mix up our Telegram lotteries. We now have daily and weekly draws (winning amounts are reviewed monthly and are subjected to change). We have seen great activity on the main RPI telegram channel, with some great feedback and interaction with our community.

So a huge thank you for making everyone feel welcome, participating in our lotteries and just for having a chat with other community members. Remember, without you there is no RPICoin!

Bounty Program:

If you haven’t joined already, please join our bounty group on Telegram to earn free RPICoin by performing bounties. Not only do you get rewards, you also help spread the word about RPICoin! We have active bounties for different tasks so be sure to check out our dedicated Bounty & News group on Telegram. With our new system for bounty payouts, RPI community members are rewarded more quickly and efficiently. Join up now and see for yourself.

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Continuing on with our steady growth and development is the addition of yet another exchange listing. The RPI/BTC Pair is now available on CREX24 Exchange.

The past months has seen some great trading of RPICoin across the exchanges with a couple of big trading peaks from the growing interest in the coin. But like all of Crypto was pushed back by the general market downturn. However there has been some increased activity in the last 2 weeks. Big things are brewing for RPICoin!

Check it out for yourself on any of the links below.

Crex24 Exchange
Cryptobridge, Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange
Altilly Exchange
Stex Exchange
● ProofOfStakeCoins
CoinMarketCap (CMC)


● Over 100 million RPI coins have been sent out for rewards and lottery’s
● Knocking on the door of 1250 members in our Telegram Community
● Over 420 members in our Bounty Telegram

Upcoming milestones for Q4:

● Whitepaper V1.0 to explain RPI’s vision and thoughts in the near future
● Coin development
● Code base and protocol upgrade
● First online game released on the RPI Gaming platform
● Website Development
● Partnership Announcement
● Further Telegram Integration

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