Regular Presale | Sugar Kingdom Participation Guide

Regular Presale
4 min readMar 10, 2022


LAUNCH TIME 17:00PM @ 14TH MARCH 2022 (48 hour sale duration)

Hello Regu Family!

We are delighted to announce the sale for Sugar Kingdom upcoming launch on Regular Presale launchpad on 14th March 2022 (17:00PM UTC)!

Key Details / Tokenomics:

Ticker: $CANDY

Seed Price: $0.10 (net allocation fee)

Public Price: $0.16

Max REGU Allocation: $28,000.00 (Additional minor pool for the new ‘Guaranteed Allocation Round’)

Vesting: 6% TGE, 4 months cliff, then 12% per month unlock

FORMAT OF SALE: We have continued our new format to ensure we allow an opportunity for anyone who misses out:

  1. Main Round: The main pool ($25K) is based on FCFS (First-Come-First-Served) so please prepare BUSD according to the Tier Schedule below and use the guide for steps.
  2. Guaranteed Allocation Round: Once the main pool has completely filled, we will open up our ‘Guaranteed Allocation Round’ for all eligible staked wallet addresses who have missed out on the sale. This round will remain open for the duration of the schedule sale event. The min/max amount for this additional round is $100 to $250.

Regular Presale | Tier Schedule

Sugar Kingdom Highlights:

  • Easy to play, engaging and fun! Familiar gameplay which anyone can get addicted to!
  • High utility for the token (buy and sell NTFs, LANDs, bet, stake, customize your experience and participate in multiple games).
  • Become a King, a Prince or a Duke of the Sugar Kingdom.
  • Celebrities can have customized LANDs, hosting games and generating viral marketing with their fans.
  • Appropriate for gamers from all over the world with zero barriers to entry .
  • Friendly way to onboard users outside of GameFi through fiat payments.

Massive partner list already committed:

How to Participate & Staking Rules

To participate, you need to either stake REGU or LPs according to the tier schedule found on our website. 1 LP is worth 350 REGU tokens for the calculation of your Tiers.

Snapshots of wallets will be taken randomly within 24 hours before the Launch Time.

We have structured one of the most generous allocations for our Tiers and aim to allow all investors to participate.

How to Stake?

How to Farm LP?

Step by Step Guide: How to Participate on Launch Day

What to do when it’s the project’s Launch Day:

Step 1: Make sure you have a supported BSC wallet. Metamask is preferred. (DO NOT USE AN EXCHANGE ADDRESS)

Step 2: Navigate to and connect your wallet

For mobile app users: please use the browser in DApps in Metamask or Trustwallet

Step 3: Type in the amount you want to bid in BUSD

Step 4: If its your first time — Click ‘Buy’ button, this will normally request an approval for your wallet to interact.

Once approved — Click ‘Buy’ button again to finalise your bid.

Step 5: Once finalised, you will not get a confirmation immediately, however you can check the ‘Pool’ link to the wallet address to confirm the transaction is successful.

Step 6: Support the project and Regu! Like & Retweet the announcement tweet for us!

Note that at no time will RegularPresale or the private project ever ask for funds. If you get this, please report scam and block user.

Continuing the Dialogue

Check out our REGU TG for questions regarding the Private Sale.

Check out the project’s complete official website here:

Important Disclaimer

Beware of Telegram, Online and Twitter groups trying to impersonate and scam you out of your hard earned crypto. Always ensure you are on our official channel or groups.