Set the tone of your site, focus your brand, and get stake holders and collaborators aligned and on the same page with mood boards and style tiles.

What is a Mood Board?

Mood boards set the tone and inspiration for a design project. Traditional mood boards consisted of physical materials and elements that together set the tone and direction for the overall design and style. With digital mood boards, it has become easier to spark conversations and get stake holders on the same page quickly before the project starts.

Perhaps one of the most beneficial uses of the mood board is to get agreement on…

Photo by Jo Szczepanska on Unsplash

Today, the best designs aren’t coming from a single designer who somehow produces an amazing solution. The best designs are coming from teams that work together as a unit, marching towards a commonly held vision, and always building a new understanding of the problem.

Jared Spool, “The Redesign of the Design Process”

For most organizations, their website is an extension of their sales team. The goal for their site is to drive more visitors who in turn could become customers and to increase the amount of their sales. …

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