Heatmaps for Conversion Rate Optimization and Performance Improvements

Dec 6, 2018 · 3 min read
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by Manzar Mashhood

Is your website struggling with poor conversion rates despite a good amount of traffic? Do you know why your website visitors aren’t converting and not sure what’s working on your page and what does not? Your business is stuck and it’s not going anywhere no matter what you do? of course, there’s a lot of data about the visitors but nothing on why those visitors are leaving your website without buying or signing up. To tweak and understand your website, you have to measure every single variable on the site but you are too busy, tired and clueless on what to do? Well, guess what? You don’t have to worry anymore. Meet Satisphaction.com. We are an Inbound Marketing Agency with expertise in conversion rate optimization. We offer five integrated CRO modules to fix all website mistakes and convert visitors to customers. We can spot pages on which visitors leave, and fix them. In short, we can help you in using heatmaps for conversion rate optimization and improve the performance of your website so that it does a better job at bringing you more sales customers.

We can spot what your website visitors like, click, and interact with. It’s time to move on from the age-old method of taking snapshots. We use user-friendly Conversion Rate Optimization tools such as Hotjar that even our clients can use and view the clicks on interactive and moving designs. Not just that, but you can listen to our customers and incorporate it in the development process to develop features into your product, service, or even website that customers really need.

You can even ask your visitors what they are thinking about a particular feature. For instance, you can ask them “how easy is it to navigate our website” and get instant feedback. Once you have your theories and feedback, you can make changes to the web pages with an a/b test, and picks the design that converts better. After all that, you can use ‘form analytics’ to groom your lead gen forms to do a great job at converting strangers into paying customers. In the end, CRO efforts will not only make your website more functional but turn them into something really gorgeous and cushy.

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Focus on bringing in new website traffic and giving second priority to Conversion Rate Optimization is a big mistake!

Do not make the mistake that many businesses make when they decide to pay Facebook $1,000 over the next few months to run Facebook ads and 90% of them are a bounce off from the website within seconds. Why? A heat map can answer ‘why’. Maybe your heat map will show you that no one is interested to fill out the long form you have on your landing page. Which simply means you need to reduce the number of fields to improve conversion. A heat map paints a thousand words about the overall health of your website in terms of functionality, user experience, and user behavior.

Do not waste your money in just attracting more and more traffic. Rather, optimize each and every crucial element on your landing page first, such as copy, a lead form, or CTA text, and you lower that bounce rate before running PPC ads on facebook or google. Focus on optimizing the number of conversions that you could be having on your website from the top of your funnel and you don’t have to spend as much money. Otherwise, if only 10% of your users are engaging, you have to spend a lot more money to get the numbers that you want. That is why reading heat maps is really crucial in optimizing your conversion rates and boosting your sales.

With expertise and experience in conversion rate optimization and Growth-driven website design (read Agile website design), experts at Satisphaction can really help you in taking your conversion rates to new heights. Contact us today at 661.235.5639 or info@satisphaction.com.

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