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SciDex, a protocol for enabling the generation of compliant, human readable, and adaptable smart contracts at scale have announced that they have selected the Hedera Hashgraph public distributed ledger platform and native hbar token for their protocol to support. Furthermore, SciDex will listen to the Hedera community for the selection of a set of future oracles to execute the SciDex smart contracts.

The Hedera platform will offer a public, distributed ledger that enables anyone to easily develop secure, fair, lightning fast, globally distributed applications. …

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Thank you, everyone, for participating in the SciDex AMA🚀🚀🚀

We’ve received many great questions all over the world. We couldn’t thank you more for the enormous support and all the kind words!
As promised, we are featuring 3 questions from the prior submission form and another 10 during the AMA. The contributors of the 13 questions will receive 50 SDX each.
Here are the top 13 questions from the SciDex AMA 🔥🔥🔥

1. Asked by Ali

What are the next steps?


Releasing our product, reaching 10,000 deployed contracts, releasing more oracles as well — more complex and vertical focused ones, supporting more tokens on…

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We are excited to announce the first SciDex AMA (Ask Me Anything) hosted on the SciDex Telegram Group! 👏 This is your chance to ask the founders about SciDex, the SciDex protocol or anything in between.

We ask you to submit your questions here before the event. We’ll pick 3 best questions to answer first and you will get 50 SDX if your question is selected! Also, we will pick 10 questions asked during the AMA and feature them in our blog! You will win another 50 SDX if your question is featured!

Find out what time it’s happening…

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The SciDex Country Race has ended with outstanding results! 👏 Thank you for the overwhelming support!

The goal of this race was to invite friends from your country. The country that would bring the most new members was set to win 400% more SDX. And we will translate our website into the WINNER’s language FIRST!

As a result, over the course of 5 days:

  • Over 15,000 people joined
  • Over 40 countries raced
  • Over 30,000 content was created across social networks

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We’re excited to announce that we’re launching another fun SciDex competition for you, our devoted community members! 🎉 This time you have the possibility to not only earn more SciTokens but also proudly represent your COUNTRY 🌎🌍🌏 !!!

The rules are simple:

  • Join our Telegram bot and answer a few questions.
  • The bot will generate a unique referral link for you.
  • Tell your friends to join the group via your link! 🔗
  • You’ll earn 2 SDX for every friend you invited that joins and stays in the group!
  • You can earn up to 1000 SDX !!!

The country that brings…

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SciDex’s mission is to enable companies to generate and utilize smart contracts for all kind of business transactions - even if they’re not on the blockchain. We‘ve made tons of progress on both the product and the community these past few months, but we’re only getting started! Here is a quick recap of our latest accomplishments.

The public launch of the SciDex marketspace Alpha 🔩

The SciDex marketspace is the first application built on the SciDex Protocol. It enables and facilitates companies to exchange, acquire and monetize scientific data. After months of hard work, we’ve finally launched the alpha version of the application for our community members to test…

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We’re proud to announce that we’ve partnered up with the JURA Protocol — a feeless, self-regulated decentralized network.

JURA is developing the ultrafast blockchain for the future with two main innovations: the PoU consensus mechanism and the FUSUS data structure. Together with other parts of their technology, the JURA protocol is a completely new way of looking at blockchain that has the potential of achieving over 100 thousand TPS and drive a more widespread adoption of blockchain. This technology will essentially function as the backbone of an ecosystem equipped with existing dapps and smart contract support.

“Smart contract design and…

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This week we‘ve announced about partnering up with the Origin Protocol team, but we’ve got more news. We have just partnered up with COTI, the first blockchain protocol platform optimized for decentralized payments and stable coins!

COTI utilizes a DAG (directed acyclic graph) ledger to address different challenges today’s blockchain platforms face when dealing with payments and transactions. They provide extreme scalability to process tens of thousands of transactions per second, as well as price stability mechanisms and low costs.

“We are excited about our partnership with SciDex and are looking forward collaborating with their team. The SciDex protocol will…

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We are extremely pleased to announce that we partnered up with the Origin Protocol!

Origin is an open-source platform that enables the creation of decentralized, peer-to-peer marketplaces. It allows buyers and sellers, of traditional marketplaces and fractional-use economy marketplaces, to transact on the open web using Ethereum and IPFS. They are backed by renown investors such as Pantera Capital and the founding team has a long track record of success.

“The SciDex protocol will be a key facilitator for organisations to adopt smart contracts at scale. The SciDex marketspace is a great application of the protocol aiming to bring an…

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We are happy to announce the public launch of the SciDex Alpha, the first application for the SciDex Protocol.

As the SciDex community is the key to our success and we appreciate every piece of feedback you are going to share. As previously mentioned, the SciDex protocol enables users to generate compliant, human readable and adaptable smart contracts and is being built in a customer-centric approach working side by side with great design partners. Starting with the SciDex MarketSpace.

The SciDex protocol will be the foundation of the SciDex MarketSpace and will be powered by SciDex’s native token (SDX).



Unlocking Smart Contracts For Businesses

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