With the release of iOS 14 Beta Apple presented a new feature that allows you to customize your iPhone’s home screen more flexibly than ever. Now you can update the layout, delete unnecessary apps from the screen (thanks to App Library), add widgets, and customize shortcuts of apps. Today we will talk about the last feature, how a designer raised $100k+ with an iOS icon pack and new 3D icons.

How to apply custom icons for shortcuts

First of all, you need to get some icons, of course😁. The choice is yours, but no matter whether you prefer monotone dark/light icons or bright and colorful style makes…

What’s the point of uploading free resources? Especially difficult ones that take a lot of time and effort. Here are some advantages I found from this:

  • Freebies create a positive impression for you. It goes without saying that people love getting things for free. So giving out a cool freebie is great way to satisfy your audience. Freebies add value to the interaction and give your customers positive feelings about you and your company. These are feelings that they are likely to share with others, creating a positive buzz about you.
Greyhound Flowcharts. Get the freebie >>> https://craftwork.design/greyhound-flowcharts-2/
  • Share the experience with other designers and get their…

Hey guys! Craftwork is here again with a new super-cool article. This time we will touch on the topic of flowcharts. They don’t have such a big audience as wireframes and illustrations, but anyway useful for many designers to boost up the prototyping process.

Let’s first try to understand what a flowchart is and what it is used for. A flowchart is a prototype(website or applications) that shows the general view of the structure. It is used to quickly and clearly create sitemaps and wireframes of the project. Using flowcharts you can recreate and explain how your website or application…

I guess that every web designer somehow thinks about ways to ease and boost up his workflow. In creating a website design, the first and one of the most important steps is prototyping. Prototyping one landing page on average can take about a day. Well, if you are not a designer, but a customer, then one day work of a web designer may cost you quite a lot. The way out of this situation may be ready-to-use wireframe kits and tools. They will save a lot of time for the designer, and a lot of money for the customer. …

Hi! My name is Denis Shepovalov, I am UI Designer and Founder of Craftwork.design. We create and sell digital products. And here is what I can tell to those designers who are thinking of doing the same, instead of office work.


  • Freedom of creativity. This is an independent work on the project, where you yourself decide what happens. No deadlines, customers, influences from the side.
  • Excitement. You never know how your work will be perceived, how well it will sell. This fire inside feeds the whole process.
  • Digital nomadism. All you need is a good internet connection and a laptop…

Denis Shepovalov

Hi! I'm 33 year-old Self-Employed UX/UI Designer, nine years of experience, entrepreneur and founder of Craftwork.design

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