Introducing Casa and Sedu

3 min readJul 14, 2023

A big part of The Spaceminers’ mission is to play in a deeply engaging, fleshed-out scifi world that feels real to our players. We want to be able to let you loose in a universe where the characters feel like living, breathing people, who might help you on your journey or turn around and betray you for their own self-interest.

The planet Cunabula, the Author1D homeworld in the Benedictio star system.

We’ve previously introduced Tribus, the leader of the Spaceminers, but let’s talk more about his friends and colleagues. First up is Casa Vella Rimonica. An idealist and lifelong champion for the poor and downtrodden, Casa is the original leader of a much smaller group of guerilla fighters, who have been waging a much less publicised war against Author1D for several years. While her group isn’t as powerful as what Tribus hopes the Spaceminers will become, they have a wealth of courage and knowledge on how to best disrupt the inner workings of the evil regime dominating the knownverse.

Casa happened upon Tribus at one of his lowest moments and immediately pegged him as someone that might help her further her cause of overthrowing Author1D. She slipped him a communicator he could use to get in touch with her when he was ready, but she didn’t hear from him again for a whole year. When he finally reached out, she learned that he had crash-landed on a distant red rock planet named Sophiat, where he was making putting together a new team of rebels. Casa was delighted and immediately boarded a ship headed there to join him and help train the recruits.

The planet Sophiat

The second of Tribus’ companions is Sedu MonSedu, a brilliant if reserved systems engineer. Sedu and Tribus have been friends for many years, though it took a long time for Tribus to trust the jovial, personable engineer (and vice versa). Sedu was always a little wary of Tribus’ role as Regulator who routinely committed acts of violence while under orders from his superiors. Sedu wasn’t an outright dissident, but he was disgusted by the corruption he could see Author1D fostering. He wanted to help people but couldn’t think of the best way to do so.

Sedu joined the Spaceminers as the first real recruit to the cause, after Tribus and Casa settled on the direction they wanted to take for their group. Tribus had named them the Spaceminers and started to put together an Academy within the Susmus ziggurat, but he didn’t have enough experience in the technical side of things. That’s where Sedu came in. After a secret meeting in which Tribus laid out his case and requested Sedu’s help in programming simulations to train their recruits, Sedu immediately joined them. He was relieved that he had finally found a perfect way to help.

Early concepts for Tribus, Casa and Sedu

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