Several months ago, we decided to launch an ICO, at the time there were no regulations or bans in place on ICOs, mid campaign countries started banning the ICOs, so we called it off /24h after presale start.
You can read more here:

We created a token “SPARTA” that is supposed to back 300 startups, and we were planning to sell it to fund these startups.

The ICO for us would have been the source of money, thus cancelling it meant that we had to find another source of money, and quite honestly we didn’t have a good answer…

I would like to quickly share some overdue updates. The reason they were not shared previously is because i didn’t think the time was right or they weren’t relevant.

1- Sparta ICO cofounder Andrew Sidorowicz is no longer part of the team. Andrew left in October, he had a big role in inspiring the creation of this entity and we are grateful. His decision to leave was after we cancelled the ICO, which you can read more about here:

2- We cancelled our NEM partnership. The partnership with NEM was never sealed, we were still in the memorandum of…

When we decided to cancel the ICO >see link many asked us, what we would do next ? How we would finance the startups … Our answer was, that we will give a million token for each startup, and let them use it to get things going.

We made a small mistake though, we forbid our startups from selling the token, we were hoping that we will be able to create a community and eventually allow the startups to find whichever talent they need from within this community.

We were wrong, not only this will limit the startups choices to…

When we were planning the ICO we wanted to make sure that our crypto investors were covered in a way to preserve their investment from the global crypto volatility. That is why we decided to have the token accepted by our partners for the value of 1 EUR. However, we later canceled the ICO, but did not scrap this condition.

Having SPARTA accepted for 1 EUR by our partners, is costly, especially that now we distribute the tokens for supporters instead of selling them to investors …

That’s why, starting today, our partners are no longer obligated to accept the…

The last 2 months lots of things have happened in the blockchain & cryptocurrencies world …
Bitcoin have forked (giving birth to BCH, and soon BCG), SEC and countless countries have announced regulations for ICOs, and some countries decided to ban them altogether.

You see, ICOs are based on speculations, people buying these coins and tokens, do not care about the startup doing the ICO, they care about the rapid gains they can make.

Every ICO is a potential bitcoin

The mechanism of ICOs is quite simple. 1- Issue a token or a coin, that works with your platform/or not. 2- Give ridiculous bonuses to early…

No it is not a click bait, and yes we meant it, but please hear us out first before throwing the tomatoes ….

Blockchain, with no doubt in mind is a great innovative technology, we will not discuss the technology, we will talk about the product “cryptocurrencies”.

In the beginning there was bitcoin … An innocent result of a great technology, it was sold for few cents and often distributed for free… But soon, some stock brokers and probably bankers realized that they can game the system, and apply our current greedy capitalistic commodity pricing model on a digital coin.

We have decided to sell gold coins instead of tokens!

Each gold coin with a unique number blocks a certain amount of SPARTA tokens, and holder are rewarded by the DGR for holding the coin.

The end goal is to have the token partially backed by gold. Not gold held in a specific location, but gold held by thousands of investors.

What is DGR

DGR stands for distributed gold reserve, it is simply the unit in charge of making sure that the token would be partially backed by gold. This is achieved by issuing collectors gold coins that block a certain amount of…

Dear All,

We would like to announce that we have cancelled the presale, and refunded all the investors.
In case we have made any mistake with the refund, please send us your ETH/BTC address as well as the address you sent the coins to.

SPARTA token will not be distributed through a sale or presale, instead it will be distributed for FREE to all the supporters and the players in the ecosystem.

The reasons behind our decision to cancel tokens sale & presale plans are the following:

1- The landscape is being more and more regulated, any token or coin…

Λ SPARTA » 1 token » 300 Startups »

Yes the time we have been patiently waiting have came, Λ SPARTA, the token with a vision of a better future.

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