Bipolar for 49 years, chronically ill for 36. Wrestles taxes by day, words at night. Thinker. Blogger. Poet. Links:

A collection of my most viewed, most recent, and most in-need-of-love posts. (Updated December 4, 2021)

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To My Readers

Thank you for reading my content on Medium. Every view, clap, and subscribe gives me the boost I need to continue sharing my stories.

My primary writing focus is helping people understand bipolar disorder so they can live their best life with mental illness. I’m a writer who wastes time…

The steps you need to create and keep your bipolar resolutions.

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Everyone is busy talking about their resolutions. People are losing weight, changing careers, getting married, moving to dream homes, and the list goes on endlessly. No doubt you’re thinking about your bipolar resolutions.

Goals are good. They help you focus and give you direction. …

Scott Ninneman

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