How to transform value based core technologies into actual innovative products

This week there were a couple of events that inspired me to think a lot about the current state of two projects I am super excited about: Augur and Ethereum. So instead of doing another weekly update for my project AugurInsider I decided to formulate some of my thoughts here.

An Augur market on the success of ETH and Augur (Faked screeenshot)

Last week I got a little bit frustrated as I struggled to set up my local Augur client and was not even able to use the web based version linked on the official projects page. …

Opinions on how a modern software development stack should look like

One of my responsibilities as the tech lead at snapADDY is to think about, how our technology stack has to evolve over time to stay efficient and competitive. This article summarizes what technologies and approaches I would consider as a SaaS company that starts from scratch today.

The right tools to get the job done (Photo by Kate Cox)

Servers are finally dead — Long live the Cloud!

The Challenge: Maintaining your own servers, handling security updates and backups manually is a lot of work.

The big IaaS and PaaS players AWS and Microsoft Azure are very far developed by now and even regulatory issues in difficult geographies like Germany are resolved with local regions to choose and legally proof contracts…

Coming up with a better metaphor for the creation of software.

One thing that bothers me for quite some time is the term “Software Architecture”. It somehow implies that a huge software system can be build like a skyscraper by tediously designing, specifying and then finally executing on the plan. We realized a long time ago that this does not work and the rise and success of agile methodologies like Kanban and SCRUM are the proof.

Still the term architecture is widely used among developers. When I think about architecture in my mind comes something like this intricately designed building:

The Dancing House in Prague (photo by LenaSevcikova)

Also when I look at the wikipedia definition it does not…

Sebastian Metzger

CTO — B2B SaaS Enthusiast — Crypto side project

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