Software’s Next Meal

Today SuperCollider is happy to launch a report about innovation that’s happening at the convergence of the digital and resource revolutions called “The State of the Cleanweb”.

Click to see and download the report on slideshare.


You’ve heard that software is eating the world. This report, powered by data from CB Insights shows how resources and energy are software’s next meal. The potential for innovation is tremendous. What started out as a phenomenon is now becoming what we believe to be a major opportunity for investors, entrepreneurs, and customers of all stripes.

Companies are creating connected hardware to make our air and water cleaner. They’re building platforms and marketplaces that bring the sharing economy to more households who want go solar. Mobile apps are changing how we move around cities and manage our buildings. This is just a tiny sample of the way this theme is beginning to transform how we interact with resources.

Take a look at the report, let us know what you think, and continue the conversation on Medium and Twitter (#Cleanweb #SoftwaresNextMeal). We’re especially keen to learn about early-stage companies and connect with investors who believe that digital technology can and must do more for both people and planet.