TGT Q1 Dividend Payout Instructions!

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Dec 5, 2017 · 2 min read



TGTCoin is one of its kind Closed-End Fund offering a continuous return to the investors, built on an Ethereum Smart Contract.


As promised, TGT Management is distributing to its token holders with the entire 100% Profit generated during the First Quarter i.e. From September 10, 2017 till December 09, 2017. Except for the tokens held by the Management, all the holders including tokens distributed as bounties during the ICO will receive the Profits.

The First Quarter Profits will be distributed equally in the following twelve (12) Weeks. There will be a cut off date every Sunday for the following weeks starting from the 10th December, 2017. The investors holding the TGT Coins or tokens on the respective cut off date will receive the proportionate profits of that particular week. Profits can take a day or two to be credited to each Ethereum wallet depending on the Network availability.

For viewing your TGT tokens in a MyEtherWallet, visit —


  • TGT holders are requested to transfer all their TGT holdings to any ERC-20 wallet to receive Profits.
  • TGT tokens held in these wallets at the Cut off date will only receive the Profits. Therefore, to receive the Profits investors are requested to store their TGT in the ERC20 compatible wallets mentioned above.
  • Kindly note that TGT tokens on the exchanges will not receive payouts.
  • The ETH for that following week will be automatically credited to your Ether Wallet.

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