PWR Live: Bagong Yugto — Results

Martin V
Martin V
Feb 4, 2017 · 20 min read

After a long absence, the men and women of the Philippine Wrestling Revolution (PWR) made their FIRST show in 2017 in the form of PWR Live: Bagong Yugto. PWR’s first show in 2017, set at Venue 142 in Quezon City, featured a jam-packed audience ready for a night of bodyslams, suplexes, and hard-hitting action.

Bombay raises his hand for the flaming palm strike

Pre Show Match: Dax Xaviera vs Bombay Suarez

The familiar shout of “Scream, Muthaf***as” blared from the Venue 142 speakers as PWR’s Heart and Soul, Bombay Suarez, made his in-ring return to the delight of the PWR audience. He was set to face one-half of Delerium in Dax Xaviera. Xaviera and Suarez locked up to start the match, but Bombay was quick to gain the upper hand. Suarez delivered a hard boot to the face of Dax before he followed up with a suplex. Suarez would go “VINTAGE BOMBAY” as he lit up his hand on fire and delivered a mighty slap across the chest of his cornered opponent. The fans were lit and chanted “Holy s***!” after he delivered that flaming maneuver. Dax would try to mount a comeback and punctuated it with a running senton on Bombay for a two count. Bombay surprised Dax with the kick of the day enzugiri, but Dax managed to grab the rope before the count of 3. Dax tried to score a crossbody from the top rope, but Bombay caught him and slammed him with the Bombshelter slam for the 1–2–3.

Mr. Sy

Mr. Sy Thanks the PWR Fans

PWR General Manager, Mr. Sy, made his way to the ring and greeted everyone a belated Happy Chinese New Year. He also told us that PWR Live: Bagong Yugto will be a test, a challenge to the locker room to see who deserves to be part of the “Path of Gold” match in the next event on February 26th, at the Unilab Bayanihan Center. He thanked everyone who were at the event to #SaveFilipinoWrestling.

Mr. Sy announced that have special guests from the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in the audience: WWE Vice President for Talent Development Canyon Ceman and Chris Marsh, General Manager for the Asia-Pacific (APAC) Region. Mr. Sy told to the PWR talent at the back that this is there shot to impress. He quoted Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” as he told to the PWR talent that they “only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow/This opportunity comes once in a lifetime”. Mr. Sy closed this segment by saying: “Mabuhay ang PWR!”

Mike Madrigal slaps Martivo!

Mike Madrigal and Vlad Sinnsyk vs The Punk Dolls (Martivo and Robynn)

Martivo didn’t take too kindly to Madrigal flipping him off to start the match, so he gave him a couple of hard kicks. Martivo and Madrigal had a brief exchange of holds and even pinfalls early on in this tag team bout before both men would tag out to their respective partners. Vlad Sinnsyk and Robynn got in the ring and the former quickly had Robbyn in a wristlock. Robynn delivered a couple of well executed armdrags on Vlad moments later in retaliation. Robynn tagged out to Martivo and they delivered 3 successive double axe handle smashes on the arm of Vlad Sinnsyk, while tagging in and out in between. Vlad came back with some hard chops on Martivo on the corner. Martivo would fight back with some chops of his own and delivered a spinning headscisors from the corner for a 2 count. Sinnsyk at one point grabbed the hand of Martivo and bit it while the latter was on the mat. Madrigal returned to the ring and MadVlad delivered a splash-big boot combo for a two count on Martivo.

The Punk Dolls Martivo (left) and Robynn (right) double-team Vlad (center)

Martivo was isolated by Madrigal and Vlad for a short while. Madrigal delivered a nice elbow drop from the top after Vlad connected with a chokeslam/backbreaker type move. Madrigal missed a diving elbow drop from the top rope. Martivo, on the outside, tripped Mike Madrigal on the apron who tried to do an attack on him. The Man Doll attempted to tag out to Robynn, but the latter was dragged off the apron by Madrigal. Vlad returned to the ring to try and isolate Martivo again, but the Man Doll shoves Madrigal into Vlad and superkicked the bearded mauler to lead him into DDT-ing his own partner. Martivo also used a flutter kick barrage on the face of Madrigal before he made it to his corner. Robynn is tagged in and she was a “CASA EN FUEGO~!” by toppling Vlad over with some hard clotheslines. Robynn with a sliced bread from the corner for a near count on Vlad, but broken up by Mike Madrigal. The Punk Dolls valiantly tried to secure the victory, but with Martivo taken out at the end, Robynn succumbed to an assisted Muscle Buster finisher from Vlad and Madrigal and failed to fight off the pinfall. Madrigal and Sinnsyk left the ringside area victorious. The Punk Dolls got some love from the fans who were chanting “This is bongga!!!” as they made their exit.

Mahaba slams Belmonte!!!

Rederick Mahaba vs Alexander Belmonte III

“The King of Schlong Style” (accompanied by Ralph Imabayashi) went one-on-one with The Network’s Alexander Belmonte III (with Guinto and Idol by his corner). The fans were behind Mahaba as they chanted “Make it Harder” at the start of the match. It was noticeable that Belmonte III kept his scarf early on in the match, something that was new in PWR. However, he would use it as a distraction ploy by tossing it at the face of Mahaba and getting the advantage in the match. Belmonte III would gain leverage at the match, clubbing his opponent and delivering a crisp dropkick on Mahaba for a 2 count. Mahaba rallied back by blocking a suplex attempt of Belmote and dropped him with a bodyslam for 2. AB III, after a face rake on Mahaba, got back with a round of forearms on his opponent before he punctuated his offense with a DDT. Mahaba fought off AB III with his sheer strength and delivered his patented “CORNER SPLASH(-uh!)” from…the ring corner.

Guinto with the Gold Digger stomp on Mahaba

Mahaba tried to finish things off with his signature move called the “Jaccolade” but while had had AB III locked in the maneuver, Idol distracted the referee for Chino Guinto to enter the ring and deliver his Gold Digger stomp on Mahaba. With Mahaba out cold, AB III capitalized by pinning him for what might be the biggest upset victory of the night.

Ken Warren has Chris Panzer in a headlock

Ken Warren vs Chris Panzer

The Warren/Panzer rivalry was re-ignited this night as both men faced each other one-on-one. Ken Warren aimed at Panzer’s extended hand with a spit to start off the match and show Panzer that he was not in the mood for sportsmanship. Ken Warren got control early on with a couple of headlocks and shoulder tackles on his opponent. Chris Panzer, however, surprised PWR’s Social Media Sinister with a Thez Press and rained on the punches. Warren retreated to the outside but Panzer was there to follow with a plancha from the ring. Both men return to the ring and Ken Warren tried to beg off getting more punishment from Panzer before attempting an eye poke. Panzer caught Warren by the wrist and blocked that attempt. Ken Warren started to fight back and took him down with a hard dropkick. Warren continued to stomp down on Panzer’s face, to the ire of the crowd. Ken Warren almost got a 3 count on Panzer after he connected with a double underhook DDT.

Panzer with the El Guerrero frog splash

Dueling chants of “Let’s go Panzer” and “Warren pa rin” echoed throughout the ringside as both men continued to fight it out. Warren momentarily choked Panzer on the corner before he ascended to the turnbuckles and started to punch his opponent’s face. Panzer would eventually grab KW from the corner and deliver a powerbomb for a near fall. Panzer with the comeback, took down warren with a suplex. Panzer tried to hit his Panzerschreck, but missed. Ken Warren took advantage of the mis-step and delivered a back suplex flip into a face-plant maneuver for a 2 count. Warren looked to hit his WiFi (Winning Finish) on Panzer, but he missed and Panzer made him pay by connecting with the Panzerschreck! Panzer went up top for his El Guerrero frog splash but Warren avoided the move. The end saw Ken Warren and Panzer fighting on the top turnbuckle with Panzer winning. With Ken Warren prone on the mat, Panzer connected the El Guerrero Frog Splash and got the 1–0 between him and Ken Warren to start off the second chapter of their rivalry.

Ralph Imabayashi from the top rope

Chino Guinto vs Ralph Imabayashi

Both men entered ringside with their respective new theme songs. The youngest PWR Champion gave Guinto a run for his money at the early going with some fast paced offense on the corner that kept the Network downline at bay. Ralph punctuated his initial assault with a well placed missile dropkick on Guinto, who was prone on the ring corner. Chino Guinto retreated to the outside, but he and Alexander Belmonte III were laid out once Ralph crashed on them from the top rope. Guinto cut off Ralph on his return to the ring and unloaded on him with some hard hitting clubs to the back. Guinto delivered the Network’s triangle slap on the chest and drew a 2 count. The fans urged Ralph on with a “Wreck it Ralph” chant as they hoped for a comeback. Guinto stopped a comeback with a face rake and delivered a running knee drop for 2. Ralph surprised Chino with a rollup and got a 2 count from the referee. A frustrated Guinto choked Ralph using his knee before the referee forced him to break it up. Guinto trapped Ralph with a scissorslock on the waist before he transferred to a full nelson. The former PWR Champ got out of it eventually and downed Chino with a jumping kick.

Chino Guinto drives Ralph to the mat with a nice move

Ralph punished Chino with some forearms on the corner and followed up with a vertical suplex-samoan drop combo. Ralph scored a knee drop from the top rope for a 2 count. AB III tried to interfere but Rederick Mahaba peeled him off the apron before he could. The referee ejected both Belmonte III and Mahaba from ringside and Chino was there to sneak attack Imabayashi. Chino went for the gold digger stomp but missed and he ate a huge spinebuster from Ralph. Chino managed to deliver a crossface on Ralph, but the latter got out of it and locked in a sharpshooter.

James “Idol” Martinez raises Guinto’s hand in victory

James “Idol” Martinez entered ringside to distract the referee by grabbing a green scarf from the corner to fashion it around his neck. While the referee was distracted, Chino sneaked in a low blow on Ralph before he got the win via his Gold Digger. With Chino Guinto’s victory, The Network’s record for the night went to 2–0.

Main Maxx with the PHX Title

For the PHX Championship: Main Maxx © vs Peter Versoza

The former Royal Flush members fought over PWR’s PHX title in this match up and it was an intense bout. The challenger disrespected the champ right off the bat by throwing his t-shirt onto Maxx’s face. A “Maxx is gonna kill you” chant was heard at the early going of the match.

Versoza with a dropkick on Maxx

There was a nice exchange of holds and moves to start the match. Main Maxx pinned Versoza with a bodyslam and splash combo for two. He cornered the challenger and delivered a flurry of kicks and finished things off with his vintage spin kick to the gut of Peter Versoza. Maxx connected with a devastating basement dropkick on the prone PV at the ring corner. The PHX champion continued his dominance as he threw Versoza around the mat with three successive overhead waistlock suplexes. Versoza left the ring to try and regroup, but Maxx was there to chase him outside. Versoza used the environment to his advantage and attacked Maxx outside the ring.

The PHX champion puts on the Maxximum Mutilation on Versoza

Versoza delivered a slap across the chest of the PHX champion after they returned to the ring. Versoza kept Maxx grounded with a headlock, but the PHX Champion powered out and tried to deliver a running senton. Versoza got out of the way and Maxx missed. Both men trade some hard punches and forearms at each other before they take each other out with dueling clotheslines. Main Maxx got the upper hand on Versoza on their ascent and delivered a stomach breaker. PV countered Main Maxx’s Blitzkreig and delivered the Petegree, but only got a 2 count.

PV w/ the Petegree

Versoza took off the padding of one of the top turnbuckles while Maxx was getting on a vertical up. He tried to use it to his advantage, but Main Maxx caught him with his side-winder slam for 2. Main Maxx grabbed a hold of Versoza and locked him with the Maxximum Mutilation. Versoza would not tap out and narrowly escaped this predicament. The end saw Versoza kicking out of Maxx’s Blitzkrieg at 2 and the Perfect 10 attempting to deliver his own Petegree. Sadly, PV would use the exposed turnbuckle against Maxx and would grab him with a Petegree on the rebound. Versoza pinned Maxx for the victory and became the new PWR PHX Champion.

Idol corners Crystal in the ring

Crystal vs James “Idol” Martinez

The Leader of the Network looked for the 3–0 sweep at PWR Live: Bagong Yugto, but the referee ejected Idol’s downlines Guinto and Belmonte III before the match started. With the numbers advantage gone, it was just Idol vs Crystal at ringside. A small “Idol Everyday” chant was heard amongst the crowd to begin this match.

Idol gets hit by a clothesline from Crystal

James “Idol” Martinez took the early goings of the match with a headlock on Crystal. Crystal countered with a wristlock and a few more holds on her opponent. The crowd gave it to Idol as they chanted “Epy Quizon”, pointing out his physical similarities to the local movie star. Idol fought back and sent Crystal to the corner for the triangle slap. But before he would perform the move usually reserved on the chest, he turned Crystal around to deliver The Network’s patented move on the back of her neck instead. Idol would take control of the match, alternatively using the ropes or his boot to choke his opponent. Idol successfully delivered his facial product bronco buster on Crystal at the corner.

Crystal victorious

Crystal mounted a comeback with a powerful slap and followed up with a DDT on Idol. Crystal delivered successive suplexes on Idol before she pinned him for 2. Idol tried to wrest control of the match with a face rake, but Crystal was there to take him to the mat with a crotchplex. The end saw Idol attempting his pay-in finisher, but Crystal reversed the move into her own finisher called the ‘Eat Defeat’. Idol fell to the mat and Crystal pinned him for the 1–2–3. Crystal’s win over Idol not only continued her winning streak at 2 wins, but also broke The Network’s winning streak of the night.

The Apocalypse and SANDATA staredown

The Apocalypse vs SANDATA

The two masked men put on a very physical and hard hitting match that had everyone at the edge of their seats. Both men traded punches and kicks to start this brawl-fest. At one point, SANDATA caught Apocalypse with a double knee as the latter tried to charge him at the corner. SANDATA’s hot streak was cut short by Apocalypse, who caught his arm and delivered a vicious knee-drive. The Apocalypse would go to work on SANDATA’s prone arm at the next few minutes and tried to even do The Undertaker’s old school from the top rope. SANDATA saw that move coming and cut off the attempt by hitting the ropes for the Apocalypse to come down to the ring mat. It would be SANDATA’s turn to work on The Apocalypse’s body as he targeted his leg. SANDATA tried to finish things off with his signature ankle lock on the Apocalypse but the bigger masked competitor escaped the hold and left the ring.

The Apocalypse hits the Sidwalk Slam on SANDATA

SANDATA followed the Apocalypse outside the ring and sent him crashing towards the steel steps. SANDATA attempted to keep the Apocalypse outside until the 10 count. The Apocalypse managed to return to the ring before the 10 count, however, and caught SANDATA with a devastating STO for a near fall. Apocalypse regained momentum and started to add more damage on SANDATA’s arm. He sent SANDATA towards the ropes and caught him on the rebound for his patented sidewalk slam. SANDATA turned the tide on The Apocalypse soon enough, delivering some punishing kicks on his opponent’s chest cavity before he attempted his pabasag hurracanrana. The Apocalypse caught SANDATA and used his strength to drive him to the mat with a powerbomb and pin him for 2.

SANDATA with some hard kicks to his opponent

SANDATA surprised The Apocalypse with a quick rollup into an ankle lock. Apocalypse would get out of the hold but would soon receive a spinning headscissors from his opponent. The Apocalypse would again get hit by a hurracanrana by SANDATA, this time however, from the corner. SANDATA tried to deliver another hurracanrana but failed, and the Apocalypse took him to the mat. The masked mauler stalked SANDATA as the latter was getting to a vertical base and he connected with his signature stomp/face crusher move for 2. The Apocalypse got frustrated as SANDATA kicked out of his move and set him up for the Death Bell. SANDATA got out of the attempt and placed The Apocalypse into yet another ankle lock. The Apocalypse crawled towards the ropes but SANDATA dragged him at the center of the ring. For a good while, The Apocalypse was stuck in the move but would eventually crawl towards the ropes to escape the maneuver.

The Apocalypse stalks SANDATA

The Apocalypse would finally get the win after he blocked another ankle lock attempt and drove SANDATA to the mat with the Death Bell. This match was one of the best of the night that it elicited a “fight forever” chant from the crowd.

The YOLO Twins

The YOLO Twins (Yohann and Logan) vs The Fighters 4 Hire (Joey Bax and Miguel Rosales)

This was the match between PWR’s “Young Bloods” taking on the “Old Guard” of the PWR Tag Team Division. The match started off with Bax and Yohann with the Fighter 4 Hire having his way with the younger competitor. Rosales is tagged in and the Fighters 4 Hire delivered a crisp double basement dropkick on the YOLO twin for 2. Ollores faceraked Rosales and tagged out to Logan. The Twins delivered a double chest slap on Roales and they send him to the ropes. Rosales, however, would meet them with a devastating double clothesline to take both twins down. “Kuya Migs” chants abound as Rosales and Logan start to do a series of chain wrestling inside the ring. Rosales stunned his opponent with a clothesline and a hard spin kick on his opponent. Rosales connected with an impressive springboard splash for 2 before tagging out to Joey Bax.

Welcome to Miguel Rosales’ Barangy Suplex!!!

Bax entered the ring and the Fighters 4 Hire connect with a Legdrop/Splash combo on the Yolo Twin for 2. Yohann would enter the ring to cheapshot Rosales from the corner, eliciting the referee to be distracted in restraining Rosales. While the ref’s back was turned, Bax would be attacked by the YOLO twins inside the ring. Bax made a comeback as the fans chant “Tito Joey”. Bax delivered a suplex on Ollores for 2. Bax would connect with a slingblade on his opponent, but Yohann would fight back with an impressive neckbreaker. Yohann connected with a jawbreaker on Bax and tagged out to Logan. Yohann and Logan delivered stereo elbow drops on Bax before Logan covered him for 2. Logan Ollores kept Bax momentarily grounded with a headlock until the Fighter 4 Hire started to fire back. Joey Bax started to fight back with some hard corner clotheslines, until he was sent down with a drop toe hold by Logan. Yohann is tagged in and he delivered some snap jabs on the face of his opponent. The YOLO twins delivered a hard hitting double dropkick to the face of Bax.

The YOLO Twins w/ the Two Night Stand on Joey Bax

The Fighters 4 Hire looked to have a comeback once Joey Bax avoided an incoming clothesline from the corner and delivered a DDT. Bax made it to his corner and made the hot tag to Rosales. Rosales went in an almost decapitated his opponent with a huge clothesline. Rosales grabbed Logan and introduced him to “Barangay Suplex” via 2 German Suplexes. Rosales sprinted towards Yohann and also gave him a suplex of his own! Miguel Rosales would punctuate his offense with a thunderous spear on his opponents before tagging out to Joey Bax. Bax tried to cover Logan, but only garnered a 2 count. Bax tried to run off the ropes, but Yohann tripped him from the outside. The Twins grab Bax and set him up for their tag team finish, but Bax delivered a powerful forearm to break the attempt. Joey Bax locked one of the twins in a very painful submission move. While Bax had the Ollores twin locked in, Mike Madrigal and Vlad Sinnsyk assaulted his partner outside the ring. Bax was distracted as he noticed Rosales was absent from his corner and this gave the YOLO Twins enough time to hit him with a double superkick. With Bax stunned, the YOLO twins took Bax out with the assisted Two Night Stand for the win.

The PWR Champion John Sebastian

For the PWR Championship:John Sebastian © vs Jake De Leon

The self-proclaimed “Lord and Savior” and current PWR Champion had an epic clash with the former 2-time Champion in the main event. The start of the match saw both men embroiled in a heated sequence of chain wrestling. Sebastian would show his mean streak when he grabbed JDL near the nostril area that the referee had to break it up. JDL surprised Sebastian as he went for a very early Alipin Drop attempt on the champ. Sebastian escaped just in time and retreated to the outside. JDL followed Sebastian outside of the ring and delivered a brutal assault. JDL slammed Sebastian from the ring steps, to the post, to basically anywhere. Both men return to the ring and JDL was quick to apply the Inasal Lock on the defending champion. Sebastian narrowly escaped the hold and gained control of the match at one point. The PWR Champion used the corner to choke JDL. John Sebastian tripped his opponent and trapped him in a crossface. JDL slowly fought out of Sebastian’s hold and tried to gain momentum, but was stopped by a hard knee strike to his gut. Sebastian snapmared JDL and hit a missile dropkick on his back for a 2 count.

John Sebastian traps JDL in a submission move

JDL would catch Sebastian from the bounce off the ropes with a hiptoss that he quickly turned into a crossarm breaker. John Sebastian wisely used his ring awareness to place his foot on the rope to break the painful submission maneuver he was entrapped in. John Sebastian would wrest control of the match after he caught JDL and sent him crashing with the FU. Sebastian pinned JDL but only got a 2. Both men struggled to gain the upperhand while they were at the corner at one point, with JDL even attempting an Alabama Slam but to no avail. Both men trade blows in the middle of the ring before JDL took control with a beautiful dropkick on his opponent. The fans were chanting “JDL” as he delivered a cannonball move to Sebastian who was prone on the corner. JDL followed up the move with his signature move called the “payroll” on the PWR Champion for 2. JDL went to the top rope for an awe-inspiring Diving 180° Turning Splash to pin Sebastian, but just got a 2 count yet again. JDL went for the Alipin Drop once more, but Sebastian blocked the attempt. Sebastian grabbed JDL and sent him crashing to the mat with a spinebuster for a near fall. JDL got up and gave Sebastian a surprise superkick for his troubles. JDL tried to trap Sebastian in the Inasal Lock but the wily champion escaped and dropped JDL on his head.

JDL connects with the Payroll

Sebastian lined JDL up for the Killshot, but it missed and JDL would connect with the Alipin Drop! Sebastian got himself to the ropes just in time to break the pin after the Alipin Drop. JDL tried to lock Sebastian yet again with the Inasal Lock, but the champion grabbed the referee to distract the official just in time for a sneaky low blow on JDL. Sebastian connected with the Killshot and pinned JDL for the 1–2-NOPE! JDL kicked out and would deliver a powerful superkick to the arm of Sebastian before he locked in the Inasal Lock in the middle of the ring.

JDL puts on the Inasal Lock on John Sebastian

JDL seemed poised to get his 3rd reign as PWR Champion with the Inasal Lock in place, but The Apocalypse arrived to break the hold. The Apocalypse grabbed JDL and sent him crashing with the Death Bell. It seemed like he would align himself with John Sebastian as they shook hands, but the PWR Champ succumbed to his own Death Bell seconds later. The show closed with The Apocalypse holding the PWR Championship Belt momentarily before he placed it back on the fallen champion. PWR’s masked marauder made his intentions clear that he is back in the PWR Championship hunt!

The Apocalypse locks eyes on the PWR Championship

PWR’s first 2017 show was magnificent. If one would notice, every segment of the main show was a wrestling match and there were no interview or promo segments in sight. PWR’s New Year’s Resolution might be to have more action and the fans loved it. We can’t wait to see what happens in next month’s event entitled “PWR: Path of Gold” that is scheduled to be set in Unilab Bayanihan Center this February. I would like to thank PWR once again for this amazing wrestling event.

Photos by: Hub Pacheco

PWR Live: Bagong Yugto Quick Results:

+ Pre-Show Match: Bombay Suarez def. Dax Xaviera via pinfall
+ Mike Madrigal and Vlad Sinnsyk def. The Punk Dolls (Martivo and Robynn) via pinfall
+ Alexander Belmonte III def. Rederick Mahaba via pinfall
+ Chris Panzer def. Ken Warren via pinfall
+ Chino Guinto def. Ralph Imabayashi via pinfall
+ PHX Championship Match: Peter Versoza def. Main Maxx © via pinfall to become the new PWR PHX Champion
+ Crystal def. James “Idol” Martinez via pinfall
+ The Apocalypse def. SANDATA via pinfall
+ The YOLO Twins (Yohann and Logan) def. The Fighters 4 Hire (Joey Bax and Miguel Rosales) via pinfall
+ For the PWR Championship: John Sebastian © vs Jake De Leon ended in a no-contest. Sebastian retains the belt.

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