Scanning for Sustainability: Up close with Tuk Tuk Cartel

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Last month, non-profit organization, Tuk Tuk Cartel was shortlisted as one of the 100 start ups represented at the Dublin Tech Summit to present its mission to bring impact to developing countries via education, innovation and sustainability.

Beforehand, Founder and CEO Alain Buffing said Tuk Tuk Cartel was in need of a solution that was able to register leads from the event. Upon discovering Vision-e Scan, that need was not only addressed, but also helped showcase the organization’s mission on a whole new level.

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With over 500 investors and 10,000 visitors present at the event, keeping track, connecting and following up with leads was of utmost importance.

The use of hashtags and marketing automation made separating and following up with leads from the event a seamless process. For instance, having spoken with someone who was interested in volunteering their time, Alain simply scanned their business card and included #time within the notes enhancement on the Vision-e Scan app. From the backend, after the event, Alain was able to easily identify this person as someone who has an interest in Tuk Tuk Cartel’s volunteer program. In terms of automation, the organization can then follow up with an appropriate email depending on the lead’s interest that is both educational and informative.

The real innovation that occurred at the event came from the exchange of contact information at Tuk Tuk Cartel’s booth. When visitors approached the booth and gave their business card, the team simply took a photo of the business card with the Vision-e Scan app and gave the card back to the visitor. The innovation here was the fact that, within seconds, the visitor’s information was in Salesforce and the business card was no longer needed. Further, this exchange helped promote a message of sustainability to help conserve trees by reducing the amount of paper business cards being handed out at the event.

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Lastly, Tuk Tuk Cartel held a promotion at the event that allowed visitors to donate a book to a charitable cause that the organization supports. In addition to scanning the business card of those visitors who donated a book, the team also leveraged the secondary photo enhancement on the Vision-e Scan app to attach a picture of the actual person who donated a book with the record in Salesforce.

The result was a solution that went beyond business card scanning and lead registration into a powerful connecting tool that, in this case, helped successfully showcase a mission and inspire others at a large event.

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