My PlayStation E3 2017 Conference Thoughts and Opinions

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Welcome to TheSmartOjus blog, today we will be talking about my thoughts and opinions on the PlayStation E3 2017 conference.

PlayStation E3 2017

Electronic Expo, E3, is an event held in Los Angeles yearly, where gaming companies unveil information on new and upcoming games and platforms. This year E3 was the week of June 11th, and PlayStation held their conference on June 12th to disclose new details on multiple upcoming games for the PlayStation 4, and PlayStationVR. Of everything that was revealed, I will disclose my opinions on a few games I liked, and I will critic the quality of the presentation.

This conference was crucial for me, as I have been planning on buying a PS4 for the winter, so this was when they had to show me the games for the future of PS4. Sony showcased 21 games in total at their PlayStation conference, most of these games being for PS4, and a few for PSVR. Out of those 21 games, only 4 games either piqued my interest or are going to be a purchase day one.

  1. Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy (June 30, 2017): I loved playing the Crash Bandicoot games on my Gameboy Advance SP back in the day, so to see those games receiving an HD re-master is amazing. From all the trailers they have shown the game looks great, and the gameplay brings back good old memories.
  2. Uncharted: Lost Legacy (August 22, 2017): I absolutely adore the Tomb Raider games, so now that I am going to be exposing myself to the PlayStation library for the first time, the Uncharted series is a must play on my list. Definitely excited to play this game this year alongside the other Uncharted games on PS4.
  3. Detroit: Become Human (2018): I am very excited to see this game in action in 2018. The ability to make my own choices in a video game, weather to be violent or not, weather to be good or evil, that’s truly giving the power to the player. The game looks great and I can’t wait to play this game in 2018.
  4. Spider-Man (2018): I am a huge fan of the Bat-Man Arkham games, so when we found out about the new Spider-Man for PS4, I was so excited. After watching the new gameplay footage, I am not as excited anymore, but I do still have an interest. The game, in my opinion, doesn’t look on par to the level of quality the Arkham games have. They do say never judge a book by its cover, so I’ll wait till I actually play the game to know if Insomniac can deliver a Rocksteady quality super-hero game.

Alongside its great library of games already, those are the 4 games I am looking forward to playing on my PS4 in the future. Hopefully, next year I see more new PS4 game announcements that will intrigue me.

Overall, Sony held an alright press conference where they announced more details on already known titles for the console, as well as revealed a few new games. I do think they weren’t able to pace the presentation very nicely, as the build-up to Spider-Man wasn’t as great. They could have definitely structured it better to create more hype for their games. I give Sony a B- for their presentation this year; hopefully they can deliver better next year.

The press conference has made me a bit skeptical for the future of the PS4, at least for my own investment into a PS4. Most of the games they showed were 2018 titles, and very few were 2017. However, I do know there are fans out there that were intrigued by more of the games shown, and are very excited for the future of PS4. Hopefully everyone enjoys the games they buy for PS4 this year and for 2018.

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