Black Friday 2017 PlayStation 4 / Pro & VR. — What you need to know about Virtual Reality

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First of all, in case you didn’t know it yet. Breaking News: VR is ACTUALLY Here. This year (2017) Virtual Reality devices will be the most in-demand item at Black Friday , Cyber Monday and Christmas as these devices may end up on EVERYONE’s list. The CGI Video games are awesome but there is plenty of non-gaming content for everybody. Just being in a VR environment will be enough to blow your mind! Communication, and access to 360 videos is only the beginning (in case you don’t know, life capture in 360 is also a really BIG deal, being able to relive life moments using VR equipment? Sounds Crazy right? It’s not. It’s Reality… well sort of.

Sony PlayStation VR is about to BLOW UP the Tech market! The demand for PlayStation 4 PlayStation Pro & PSVR this upcoming Black Friday 2017, right through to the end of the year will be insane. If you are buying gifts for this year, for anyone with a pulse but no VR device yet, I would get on that right away, quantities will pobably be SEVERELY limited.

Find out what they want to use it for. and how they want to access it. VR is avail for PC, Mobile or Console. Prices range from 15–1500$ You can buy a high end unit for Computer or PlayStation Console, a mid range unit for mobile devices (android only) or even a Google Cardboard VR stocking stuffer (works for 95% mobile devices) But you should get them something for sure. Why? because this holiday season you will be Communicating with each other in VR. Seriously, it will be a VRy Merry XMAS 2017. Be sure to get lots of Google Cardboards as stocking stuffers.

There are some minor risks, (it’s not for children), please use common sense and caution. Please clear a space for gameplay, avoid fireplaces, sharp objects. when possible sit in a swivel chair for the experience and ask to not be subjected to scary experiences or anything with too much motion. (simulations with G-force like movements)

If you enjoyed this or found it helpful, please share it, join this facebook group, add me on Twitter to follow me, and check out our This Is Me In VR -360 videos on VRideo (a PSVR video app)…. another Top ten VR articles on this incredible technology.

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