Why PlayStation VR is about to blow the VR market WIDE OPEN.

by Jason M @ ThisIsMeInVR.com

If you haven’t been keeping track there’s been lots of BREAKING TECH NEWS. One of which is that PlayStation VR is here. It’s cheaper than it’s competitors and it runs on PlayStation 4 (and there are a lot of them out there) but that’s not the only reason they are going to BLOW the VR market wide open.

What they’ve done is enable their VR viewers to work on other devices. That means you can plug the VR goggles into XBox, wii, PC or dvd players and access regular content in VR. Sure there’s some glitches and tweaks required to get it right. (and cinematic mode should be a 360 video theater etc…) all of that and more is arriving daily as word spreads about GLSM and Web VR.

The interfaces, still need a lot of work though.

The key feature here is cross platform compatibility. Sony is ALREADY working on allowing PS4VR to access mobile device games. That’s right you heard me, PlayStation goggles may soon function with your mobile device. Allowing your PSVR goggles to be the device of choice to access your (mobile) VR games and apps.

Relationships are key for businesses in the VR marketplace. YouTube has the 360 video content that can really drive adoption forward, vTime , AltSpace (and soon Facebook) will have the social spaces apps, Samsung , Ricoh ,GoPro and Nikon have great capture devices that would bee a boon as additional peripherals (for live feeds). As soon as PlayStation VR has access to even some of these…. BOOM!

Black Friday and Xmas will see a huge surge in VR sales. This Xmas Holiday season You should expect to Everyone to get a chance to Experience a Virtual Reality Demo by a family member. Have a VRy Merry Xmas

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