My current VR / AR / 360 video Tech predictions for 10 years.

We are coming up on the end of 2017. If you currently have a Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality device or a 360 video camera you are either a late developer to the party or a super-early adopter to this awesome new world. Either way… Welcome!

These are my predictions for the early adopter surges, that will preempt mass adoption into the mainstream and market saturation.

2015 Was the year of the VR / AR / 360 video Visionaries

2016 Was the year of the VR / AR / 360 video Developers

2017 Will be the year of the VR / AR / 360 video Early adopters (mostly gaming) Expect a black friday 2017 sales surge for Sony Playstation VR and the war to heat up between the Final Big Players.

2018 Will be the year of the VR / AR / 360 video adoption (location capture equip & services) Black Friday sales surge for Samsung. expect surprises from Google Tango, & Apple-AR )

2019 Will be the year of Live Streaming 360 VR tele-presence, augmented filters, Mixed Reality, Sprites and Bots (communication mostly). Possibly, a very big year for Facebook? Also, a decline in public privacy. Furthermore, expect a massive R&D surge on sensory manipulation & placebo ( Mechanisms of influence).

2020 Will be the year with a big WEB VR site conversion surge. Web navigation through 360vr websites. Also the Digital Earth may be completed aka the “meta” verse. Start of adoption IRL AR triggers, like QR code marketing, a big year for Google and Snapchat? We may see the appearance of a device like this….

2021 Will be the year of Live streaming Online VR shopping surge, saturation of public AR triggers. A big year for Amazon?

2022 Will be the year for Live streaming VR classes and social AR surge (education) A big year for the people of the Earth! :-)

2023 Will be the Year of therapeutic VR and medical AR. With an assistant AI (therapy networking, day and diet planning). Personal mobile all in one devices with AR/VR/360 and AI. Another big year for people. :-)

2024 Could be the Year of VR / AR / 360 Video Vehicle/Home full integration,cameras, HUD or HMD +AI assistant. A big year for Tesla? Google, Samsung?

2025 Will be the YearYear of Wraparound AR VR 360 Headsets, and autonomous vehicles, VR remotely controlled drones in space and the ocean and Pizza with yet a new place that cheese is hidden.

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