PS VR and 360 camera security risks. Snowden would suggests “covering up” when not in use.

vr camera for PS4 VR

by 😎 (Zen) @

“The future” of your childhood dreams has arrived, technology has advanced very rapidly and we are all about to be connected and entertained in amazing new ways. If you haven’t heard the Big News yet, Virtual Reality has arrived. It’s incredible and world changing, but there are a few things you should consider as you adopt this new tech to prevent it from becoming your worst nightmare.

This upcoming Black Friday 2016 you will see a huge surge in purchases of VR devices leading these will most likely be the Sony Playstation VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsumg GearVR and Google DayDream. This Christmas Holiday season you should expect at least one family member to be showing the entire family their new VR headset or 360 Camera. (“Three-sixty cameras” are the devices used to record real life events and locations for viewing in VR. If you want to get familiar with this tech, I highly suggest reading these articles.)

The important thing to know about VR devices, is that to allow you to move about in the game requires the setup of a Camera (movement tracking sensors) in your home facing your living area. This holiday season may see the addition of MILLIONS of cameras willingly placed in households around the globe. As with any live streaming enabled camera, you should assume there must be some risks associated with hacking. (and yes some 360 cameras can live stream, and have security risks of their own)

Caution seems sensible, until regulation and security measures are firmly in place. Until people become aware of 360 cameras and VR technology, they are at risk of being on camera without their knowledge. I love the technology, and highly recommend it, but….

After watching the movie “Snowden” I believe the best suggestion, at this time, until absolute security can be assured, (if that is really enough for you) is to use, what most would consider common sense. I imagine the best course of action would be to cover up any VR cameras when not in use. I also advise asking permission (consent) before taking any 360 photographs of people, in private residences or businesses. If you plan to post them publicly on line, be sure to be clear that the content can be “entered into” in VR and scrutinized at the viewers leisure. The future is here, its weird and has many great uses. Its just not without risk, please also consider your health and psychology.

To quote Uncle Ben in Spiderman “With great power comes great responsibility.”