Togethera is shutting down

2 min readJul 4, 2016


After almost 3 years bringing families closer together, it is with a heavy heart that we’ll be shutting down Togethera on August 4th.

Despite building a product loved by thousands, unfortunately we’re not generating enough revenue to cover our costs, and our user base isn’t growing fast enough to suggest our revenue issues might be solvable soon.

We were also unable to secure further funding to keep the company going, nor find a third party to take on the responsibility of running Togethera, despite our best efforts.

We’re deeply sorry to be taking Togethera away from you and your family. Our team members are some of Togethera’s most active users, and we’re very disappointed that we won’t be able to use it any more either.

Here’s what happens next…

Your photos & videos

  • Around 3 days after Togethera shuts down on August 4th, you’ll receive an email to download archives of your groups’ photos, videos and comments.

Premium subscribers

  • If you currently pay for a Premium subscription, it will not renew when it expires. There’s no need for you to cancel it. You will keep your Premium functionality until Togethera shuts down.
  • iOS users: If your yearly subscription renewed in the past 10 months, or your quarterly subscription renewed in the past 1 month, you can appeal to Apple if you’d like a refund (we can’t initiate a refund ourselves unfortunately).
  • Android users: If your yearly subscription renewed in the past 10 months, you can forward the email receipt to if you’d like a refund.

Togethera alternatives

Thank you so much for supporting us over the years. It’s been a privilege to build Togethera for you and we’re really going to miss it.

All the best,
Sokratis, Matt, Red, Jack & Haris
The Togethera team




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