25 Celebrities Who Are Into Cryptocurrency for Real

Feb 1, 2018 · 9 min read

With TokenStars being a talent management platform on blockchain, we are always striving to know more about celebrities. We were curious to find out what they think about all the hype around blockchain — and if they think about it at all.

The number of real crypto-enthusiasts among celebs is growing rapidly. Celebrities have an influence on a multimillion audience — both offline and online. They have a potential to spread the knowledge about crypto world and engage those who haven’t been involved in blockchain yet.

Besides playing the influencer’s card and spreading a word via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, stars also bring an irreplaceable expertise in talent management. Who better brings onboard a fellow athlete, actor or investor, who better knows which interactions can benefit from blockchain, or understands how important ad contracts are?

We’ve picked 25 stars who are really into blockchain — and are not afraid to tell about it to millions of their fans.

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi/Instagram

Football superstar Lionel Messi has become a global brand ambassador for Sirin Labs, the developer of the blockchain-based secure smartphone and all-in-one PC. Not only is Leo Messi one of the greatest players of all time — he’s also one the most famous people in the world. After he wrote on Facebook and Instagram that he was excited about blockchain, the number of people aware of the technology increased dramatically (yes, we are talking about almost 90M people on Facebook and Instagram).

Luis Suarez

One of the best strikers in the world who plays for FC Barcelona and Uruguay’s national football team, apparently thinks that being paid for scoring goals is not enough. Luis Suarez now also wants to make money by predicting who wins a match. Uruguayan football star invited 25M of his followers on Instagram to join him in signing up to the Ethereum-based prediction market platform Stox and making their predictions for the US Open (yeah, Luis, we know that feeling — we too were super excited about the tournament!).

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather / Instagram

Suarez is not the only one to promote Stox: boxing champion Floyd Mayweather was quicker. Just a few days before his historic fight with Conor McGregor he hyped up the ICO of a blockchain based content marketplace, Hubii Network. He also stated that we could call him Floyd Crypto Mayweather — and announced his support for the third ICO. By sharing his support, he can potentially involve his fans on social media: 13M on Facebook, 19M on Instagram and 8M on Twitter. Seems impressive, right?

Lothar Matthaus

Lothar Matthaus/Twitter

Lothar Matthaus, a football manager and one of the most successful German players of all time, played in 5 FIFA World Cups and led the West Germany team to victory in the 1990 World Cup. When TokenStars were looking to further enrich the expertise in talent management, we knew immediately that he was our man. Lothar Matthaus joined us as a Football Ambassador, because, as he stated, by decentralizing talent scouting TokenStars has a big potential to ensure that we’ll see the new maradonas and ronaldos in the nearest future.

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher/Twitter

Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher is a big tech investor. Kutcher is a longtime fan of blockchain technology (let’s just say he tweeted about Etherium in 2014). He is an investor in the cryptocurrency exchange, BitBay, and his firm Sound Ventures is backing Unikrn, an eSports betting digital platform. Getting him onboard could be a huge success! Can you imagine, for how many people around the world he is a role model? At least, for 18M of his fans on Facebook, 2,5M followers on Instagram and 19M on Twitter!

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson/Twitter

Boxing legend Mike Tyson partnered with Bitcoin Direct to introduce Bitcoin ATM (which makes transactions “in less time than Tyson did a knock out’’) and a digital wallet for iOS and Android. When launching the ATM line, he said he was grateful to be part of the bitcoin revolution. That was in 2015, when Bitcoin was dirt cheap compared to the current price. We hope millions of Mike’s followers on social media took the hint and bought a few coins each!

Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx/Twitter

There are a few celebrities who started talking about blockchain years ago, but more are joining the revolution now. One of them is the Oscar-winning Jamie Foxx who used Twitter to endorse the ICO of Cobinhood, a ‘zero trading fee cryptocurrency exchange’. He has almost 5M followers, by the way!

The Game

American rapper The Game owns a marijuana dispensary in California. Apparently, weed industry can benefit from blockchain too: the hip-hop artist recently got on the advisory board of Paragon, a company that wants to use the blockchain to disrupt the marijuana market.

The Game/Twitter

DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled/Instagram

Rapper DJ Khaled has been endorsing ICO of Centra. He shared a photo with a Centra card on Instagram (which all his 8,5M followers could see). He also posted a video talking about storing and using various cryptocurrencies.

Gianluca Zambrotta

Gianluca Zambrotta/Facebook

Football achievements of Gianluca Zambrotta are impressive: FIFA World Cup champion, UEFA European championship silver medalist, 3-time Italian Serie A champion, and 4-time winner of Italian and Spanish Cups. The list of clubs he played for is incredible: Juventus, Barcelona, Milan. Now he’s focused on coaching the football club in China and in the crypto world as a TokenStars Football Ambassador.



When Nas is not busy doing hip-hop, he is making technology investments. Rapper and songwriter invested in more than 40 startups including Coinbase, a secure online platform for buying, selling, transferring, and storing digital currency.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow/Wikipedia

The bitcoin-based wallet startup Abra was able to impress the renowned actress and entrepreneur Gwyneth Paltrow with the pitch during an episode of Planet of the Apps. The A-list actress joined the team as an advisor.


Remember Redfoo as a rapper, DJ and a part of the LMFAO? Now he is a coder working on an Ethereum project! He is very into the blockchain and donated several personal items for TokenStars Crypto Christmas Charity Auction.

Mel B

Mel B/Wikipedia

Mel B was a trendsetter during her time as a Spice Girl — and she still is. She was quick to recognize the potential of cryptocurrency, becoming the first musician to accept Bitcoin as payment for her music in 2013. “Bitcoin unites my fans around the world using one currency,” she said back then.

Other artists followed the trend, but we’ll always remember who started it all.

Ghostface Killah

Ghostface Killah/Wikipedia

The year 2005: Wu-Tang Clan release their hit C.R.E.A.M. (‘Cash rules everything around me’). Fast forward to 2017: Wu-Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah becomes a partner in a cryptocurrency firm called Cream Capital which aims to build a blockchain-based ATM network. Looks like life does imitate art, huh?

Martina Hingis

Martina Hingis/Instagram

Martina Hingis is a legend on the tennis field. The winner of Australian Open, US Open, and Wimbledon, member of the Tennis Hall of Fame participated in TokenStars Crypto Christmas Charity Auction by giving a tank with her personal signature.

Roger Ver

Roger Ver

Of course, we couldn’t miss Roger Ver, one of the earliest crypto investors, and one of the first crypto celebrities followed by nearly half a million people. He believed in bitcoin when it was not cool yet. Currently he is involved in numerous projects, such as Bitcoin Cash, bitcoin.com, Ripple, Bitpay, Kraken, Coinsetter. Roger donated his T-shirt to the Crypto Charity Auction of TokenStars.

Tommy Haas

Tommy Haas/Facebook

German professional tennis player and ex-world’s №2 in men’s tennis rankings Tommy Haas is a recent addition to the TokenStars team.

Winning his first youth tournament at 5, Haas has won 15 titles in singles, reached the semifinals of Australian Open 3x and Wimbledon once, and got a silver medal at the 2000 Summer Olympics.

Tommy is a friend to Roger Federer, one of the best-known people in the ATP Tour. You can tell this guy takes sport seriously and has recently become a Tennis Ambassador for TokenStars.

Tarjei Boe

If you think biathletes care only about skiing and shooting, Tarjei Boe proves you wrong. Olympic Champion and 8x World Champion from Norway is on hype and is interested in the new technologies. He also supports charity! That’s how he donated his pair of professional skies to Crypto Christmas Charity Auction of TokenStars.

Tarjei Boe

Robin Soderling

Robin Soderling/Facebook

Swedish tennis star Robin Soderling is an ex– 4 in ATP ranking, 2x Grand Slam finalist at Roland Garros and the winner of 10 international tournaments. He is a Tennis Ambassador for TokenStars who knows how important it is for athletes to get good ad contracts to fund their development: he underlines that TokenStars’ effort to connect PROs to relevant advertisers is a completely new way for players to get to the top.

Nikita Kucherov

Nikita Kucherov/Instagram

Some celebrities follow their passion wherever it leads them, including the blockchain world. This exactly is the case with Nikita Kucherov, a Russian professional ice hockey player, currently playing for the Tampa Bay Lightning of the National Hockey League (NHL). Nikita helped Russia to capture Bronze at 2017 World Ice Hockey Championships, and now he joins TokenStars as a Hockey Ambassador.

Winklevoss twins

Winklevoss twins/Wikipedia

One would expect Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss to capitalize on their tech-savviness, and they don’t disappoint. The Olympic rowers and internet entrepreneurs known for suing Mark Zuckerberg over Facebook have a long-enough history with cryptocurrency. It includes (but is not limited to) the attempt to register a bitcoin-based exchange-traded fund, investments in a bitcoin payment processor, and the founding of the Gemini, the digital currency exchange. They have also made the headlines as their $11 million bitcoin investment made in 2013 turned into $1 billion. The coin price skyrocketing made them the first official bitcoin billionaires.

Valery Karpin

Valery Karpin/Instagram

Valery Karpin managed RCD Mallorca and FC Spartak as a head coach, played for a number of football teams (including Real Sociedad, Celta, Valencia CF, FC Spartak Moscow, and Russian national team), and worked as a football analyst for a Russian public sports channel. It’s only natural that he joined TokenStars’ team as a Football Ambassador: Karpin is clearly passionate about football and eager to take part in the initiative which is promising to revolutionize the sport.

Jessica VerSteeg

Jessica VerSteeg/Twitter

Remember Paragon, the startup aiming to use blockchain to revolutionize the cannabis industry? You already know that The Game is their advisor, and now is high time (no pun intended) to meet their CEO. The cryptocurrency company is founded by Jessica VerSteeg, former Miss Iowa and Amazing Race contestant.

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