New Stars, Modules and Listings: 6 Big News from TokenStars

May 10, 2018 · 4 min read
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Another busy month is over! In April, TokenStars team was focused on negotiations with worldwide recognized celebrities and crypto listings, as well as on product development. Here are the next six milestones to share.

1. Great News! TokenStars signs the contract with the Top 100 ATP player

Marius Copil, #73 in the World ATP Rating, has chosen TokenStars as the partner for advertising and marketing representation.

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Marius Copil is a Romanian professional tennis athlete, playing at the ATP World Tour tournaments. He started his professional career in 2008 and reached his highest rank of #73 in February 2018, being now on the rise of his professional tennis path at the age of 27. During his career, he won 4 ATP challenger trophies.

Marius has already been demanded as a brand ambassador in Europe by such brands as BMW, Mizuno and by Fitbit for Romania, providing great sponsorship opportunities for his clients with tournaments broadcasted all over the world. Given his bright personality, knowledge of 5 languages and expanding digital fan base, we are sure that his cooperation with TokenStars will grow marketing potential and will be strongly beneficial to both Marius and TokenStars platform.

Welcome on board, Marius!

2. Voting Module Gains Momentum

In addition to the Auctions module we’ve launched the Voting module and successfully had 3 first decentralised polls.

Voting module is a part of infrastructure layer of the Platform and will eventually be involved in the operations of many other modules. Check it out at

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We had 3 successful polls with another 3 coming. The polls we conduct have different subjects. Some are on general sports related topics. Others are very specific to hear our community opinion on significant next steps in the TokenStars platform development.

Each vote is transparently stored in the blockchain via the voting smart contract. The resulting input from each voter is calculated proportionately to the number of tokens held. This approach allows us to value the opinion of the token holders who own more tokens with higher priority.

3. TEAM Token Gets Listed on Bit-Z

TEAM token will be listed on the Top-1o Exchange on May, 11.

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We’ve chosen Bit-Z for a number of reasons:

1) High Trading Volumes. Bit-Z has around $300 million daily trading volume, and it’s growing day by day.

2) Good Neighbours. Other well-known projects have chosen Bit-Z, including Penta, EDUCare, Nuls, TRON, GXChain and others.

3) Active Community. Bit-Z has more than 1 million registered users, with primary focus on Asian region.

4. TEAM listing: accomplishments and further steps

Our listing strategy is aimed to gradually increase the token liquidity and community involvement:

✅ 1st step: create market recognition by listing on IDEX and ForkDelta.

✅ 2nd step: go to the Top 10 exchange — with listing Bit-Z we accomplish this part on May 11.

✅ 3rd step: after we release the updates on the TokenStars platform, we will consider other markets, including Qryptos (after merging with Quoinex) and Korean exchanges.

5. New Module (Sports Predictions) is ready to be launched soon

We are launching the Predictions module in May 2018. It is the third platform Module and an important step into ML and AI space for TokenStars.

The module is based on the community wisdom and data gathered from our users. We ask your opinion on the most influencing and important Sports events, enrich this data with the ML (machine learning) technology and eventually build an engine which allows to evaluate the probabilities of certain outcomes and predict performance of athletes. Token holders who give the best predictions are rewarded.

The data gathered and algorithms created around sports prediction module also gives us an opportunity to work with huge and growing market of Sport Betting.

We also increase organic demand for tokens (TEAM and ACE) since all the rewards in the sports prediction module are paid in tokens as well as only token holders possessing the certain amount have access to all the functionality.

6. ACE Listing Facts

In May it will be 6 months since ACE was distributed and listed on the exchanges. Let’s draw the line and check the facts from ACE placement on OKEx:

  • The total ACE turnover since the listing on OKEx exceeded $84 million, with up to $4.4 million daily trading volume on particular days.
  • The fact that ACE entered the markets at the volatile times (end of 4Q’2017 — beginning of 1Q’2018) made sufficient pressure on the volume and trading behavior.
  • Nevertheless, since the end of March, when TokenStars announced signing new celebrity contracts and launch of the voting modules, ACE token price grew 2.7X in less than 2 months.
  • Compared to the token sale price, ACE’s maximum return was +400% in USDT and +49% in BTC.

Stay tuned — follow the project’s social media channels on: Facebook Twitter Telegram Medium LinkedIn Reddit or take a look at our videos on YouTube.

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