TokenStars Presents AMA Session With Redfoo

Mar 19, 2018 · 8 min read
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“Big things coming with Redfoo, and TokenStars. Yeah, baby.” An iconic pop star and our Ambassador, Redfoo is the next one to be interviewed in Ask Me Anything (AMA) session by TokenStars. Did you ask your question? Check out if it made to the coolest video that Redfoo filmed for us — or read all his answers. Yeah, baby!

Anna: What sport are you fond of? Are you a furious fan of any sports club (football, basketball, baseball, etc.)?

Yo, what’s up, Anna? Redfoo here. Jasmine’s driving, and we’re in the I3 BMW. Almost said, B-3 IMW. But that would sound like’s new single. Anyways, the sport that I’m fond of is tennis, currently, but I used to play a lot of basketball as a kid, a lot of soccer, a lot of tennis, a lot of golf.

Actually, my soccer got me to travel to Stockholm, Sweden, or as closely by Sweden, Ostakwer, Okasperria. But I think that sports, growing up, was the key to my life, and competing, playing on a team, playing individually, so, sports are incredible. The only sport I play now a lot is tennis, and I broke my foot, so I haven’t been playing in a while, but I’m still watching tennis, and I’m back.

Tennis is the one sport, and basketball, and soccer, and golf. It’s all those sports. They’re in my mind, so I play them in my mind, and I stay just as good as I was, when I last played it. It’s a phenomenon. I don’t know how to do it. I don’t know how to explain, other than, I visualize. Like, I’ll get better. I broke my leg, I’m going to come back, I’ll be even better, because, I’m playing in my mind, if that makes sense to me. So, yeah, babies.

Source: Instagram

Alexander: Are you nervous at the stage when you see big audience? If yes, what do you do to remove nervousness?

Great question, Alexander. Do I get nervous when I perform on the big stage? The answer is actually, no. I spent years of my life studying what nervousness was, because I had it in standup comedy. I had it when I was a kid, talking to the girls, and reading in front of people, and I didn’t like that feeling, and I wanted to master it, so I read a bunch of books. I feel like I’ve mastered what nervousness is, and simply, nervousness is, fearing the future.

Or, I like to put it as, thinking about things that you don’t want in the future. Normally, artists may think, “What if my show doesn’t go well?” Boom. That’s going to cause nervousness. Or, “What if the crowd doesn’t like the third song, which is the new song, blah, blah, blah,” boom! Causing nervousness. “What if the mike feeds back?”

So, I eliminate all those thoughts, and I leave room for improvisation, which life is, about 40% improvised. And so, I understand that, even if I forget a lyric, I could do that. I could mess up when I’m DJ’ing, all that stuff, I allow for that to happen, and I allow for me to make a great move, a great reaction to that. I’ve had it where the power’s gone out, and I had to talk to the crowd, and so, that’s what happens.

Source: Instagram

If I do get the feeling of nervousness, I always check my thoughts. Okay, what am I thinking? Usually, it’s like, “Oh, I wonder if …” Because, sometimes, I won’t get enough sleep in between shows, and I might think, oh, what If I’m not, I don’t have enough energy? Or sometimes, my voice goes out, or it’s like, “What if they laugh at me, because I have no voice?”, and all that stuff. Then, I’ll be like, “Nope, that’s something, that, if that happens, I’m just going to react, and say something funny, or do something crazy.”

I just, always think about, “What do I want? What do I want to happen? I want to have a good show. I want them to like the third song. I want my voice to be good,” and then, when I think about that stuff, I drink more water. I might practice on that third song, if there’s a new part that I’m incorporating, blah, blah, blah.

So that’s how I get over being nervousness, and you can master that, and I’d love to talk more about that in the future. So, yeah, baby, great question.

Arnie: I would like to know when and why did you start to be involved in crypto and blockchain projects? Also, is TokenStars the only project in which you’ve participated?

What’s up, Arnie? I started to get involved with blockchain projects in November. I’d always heard about Bitcoin, heard about Ethereum. A friend bought some Ethereum, at 300, and was like, “You need to check this out.” I went to a coding conference in Swift last summer, and they talked a little bit about blockchain, and I just still didn’t understand it. I just didn’t get it. And then, I got it.

I was in the Bahamas for- Is this, okay? I was in the Bahamas for this Richard Branson get together, and people were telling me about the crypto, and what it was, and the blockchain, and I said: “Man, I got to stop what I’m doing in Swift, and I got to start coding the blockchain, because I got it, I get …” I, just, I’d understood it, and I wanted to play around with it.

Source: Instagram

So I started working on Ethereum, which I love. I love the concept, and I built one app already, which I’m still perfecting, but the demo works. I just love the smart contracts, and the blockhain, and IPFS. If you look at, it’s on IPFS. I built that. Still working on figuring out how to utilize that, the decentralized version of all this stuff. So, yeah, baby. That’s Jasmine. Say hi.

Olesya: John Lennon or Elvis Presley?

What’s up, Olesya? So that’s a tough question. John Lennon, or Elvis Presley? You know, John Lennon is, has said some great lyrics with the Beatles, and stuff, and the Beatles were amazing, and he was amazing, as well. Elvis Presley was incredible at rock ’n’ roll. He had the voice, he had the swag. They’re two greats. I’m going to have to say, it’s a dead even tie, because both great are in their own rights. You cannot compare them, because rock ’n’ roll is something that gets you dancing, and John Lennon made you think. I mean, Imagine was a great song.

So I’ve been inspired by both. Juicy Wiggle was inspired by Elvis Presley, and others, and my song Maybe on the Party Rock Mansion album, was inspired by John Lennon, so, I got to say it’s a split. By the way, yes, I’m driving, in my I3 electric mobile. Great question.

Elena: Rumors are you’re coding on Ethereum. Is it hard? What apps do you want to build?

Yeah, baby, what’s up, Elena? You asked if I’m coding on Ethereum, and what apps do I plan to build? Yeah, I love Ethereum. I love coding. I’m learning more and more about the blockchain, and the first app that I built was a prediction app. So, two friends can have a prediction, or a bet on something, and they can say, “Hey, we want to bet 0.5 Ethereum, that it’s going to be 20 degrees by 4:00 a.m. this morning, or it’s going to be 20 degrees or below.”

And then, the app kind of has, like, a true or false, and somebody picks true, and the money goes in escrow, and you decide who the winner is, based on the information. It’s like, a two-person consensus, and they have to agree, and then, once they agree, the loser has to pay winner, and then, the money gets distributed.

So that was the first app I did, and I’ve got it done, it’s just that I’m working on the front end, a little bit, and then, I’m doing some other projects, as well. But it’s very fascinating, and Ethereum is incredible. The only thing is that each transaction costs money, and on the test network, that’s fine, but I’m looking into figuring out how to get around where each transaction costs money, so — Yeah, baby.

Source: Instagram

Michael: What’s your project with TokenStars?

Yo, what’s up, Michael? My project with TokenStars is sky is the limits. I’m talking with them about a bunch of different things, possibly doing the Redfoo Token, and I like the ACE Token, the TEAM Token, so we’re just talking about a bunch of things. Big things coming with Redfoo, and TokenStars. Yeah, baby.

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Boris: Would you like to play in a movie? What role will it be?

Yo, what’s up, Boris? If I had to play in a movie, what role would it be? It would definitely be a starring role, and I would have to play some kind of mad scientist, and I would be making some kind of invention that saved the world. That would be the ultimate character. I want to be with potions, I want to be coating something with electricity, and, whoo! It could be a mystery, and it could be amazing.

You’ve got to have some action, got to have some beats, too. Got to have some music, some driving stuff. It could take place in the party rock mansion. It could start there, and I get beamed up by some aliens, and stuff, and I get the knowledge and I come back down, and I time travel, but I create this device that people use. Or I teach people how to make a device that you could use. Build your own, DIY. A DIY super scientist. Yeah, baby.

Kventin: Who was your idol as a child? Who did you want to be like and why? Who do you consider a role model now?

What’s up, Kventin? This is Foo here, and my idol, growing up. I had many idols. One of my idols is my dad. All his work in Motown, and just the way he conducted himself as a human being was always interesting to me, and it seemed like the successful way, and it is a successful way, and I always wanted to do that. He’s funny, and all that stuff.

I also had other idols. I was into hip-hop, growing up early, so I loved Run DMC, LL Cool J, rappers. I wanted to DJ. Oh, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and the Fresh Prince, big idols. Sports idols would be Magic Johnson, Stefan Edberg, Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi, McEnroe. Kobe Bryant. But then, I was like a teenager, then, but I really- I just like winners, and studying how people win.

Acting-wise, Anthony Michael Hall. He’s an actor. He’s one of my favorites. So funny. So funny, dude, and I liked Madonna. Wasn’t like a idol, but, I mean, I guess, I looked up to her. But I didn’t want to be her. I didn’t want to wear her clothing, and stuff, if that’s what you’re trying to get at. But, yeah, great question, and, yeah, all right, baby. Redfoo here.

Source: Instagram

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