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Winter 2019 Update

Mar 12, 2019 · 5 min read

Talent Support, Contracts with PROs and New Modules: 8 News from TokenStars in Winter’19 Update

The beginning of 2019 was productive for our team, being marked with significant business growth. We started this year with a good momentum: we were focused on attracting new players, active development of scouting, and releasing tech updates on the platform. Now we’re ready to share the results with you.

1. Talent scouting gains traction

Since the launch in November, Scouting module has shown excellent results:

  • 24 talented athletes joined TokenStars platform
  • 11 players approved by our experts
  • 11 community votings completed
  • 2 talented players contracted!

We have already signed the talent support agreements with Marco D’Amico and Melissa Boyden, and continue the negotiations with other prospects.

Scouting module allows everyone to become a scout and help sports talents to receive funding and support in career development. If the talent’s application gets approval from sports experts and community, we proceed to contract negotiations contracts and discuss potential terms with the players.

Tennis scouting vertical grows rapidly: in the four months, 14 top-300 ITF juniors joined our platform, it’s a great response from really promising players. 87.5 % of athletes, previously approved by experts, received community support on the voting stage. On average, 90,000–120,000 ACE or TEAM tokens were used in each voting.

2. First talent support contract signed

All our efforts on Scouting module development started to pay off in February when we sighed a contract with a talented tennis player — Melissa Boyden. Recently she won the tournament Luxembourg Juniors Open 2019 both in singles and doubles and now she’s ranked #175 in ITF.

Melissa (15, NL) has successfully completed all the stages of assessment and we are happy to start working together. TokenStars will provide assistance in financing and marketing promotion for Melissa.

3. Raising stakes: scouting launched for poker players

In January we launched new vertical in Scouting module — poker. TokenStrars offers staking for poker players: we provide them with funding (for tournaments participation) and receive returns from profit sharing, paid in tokens. Poker became first TEAM token scouting vertical and has already shown excellent results: about 10 approved applications from scouts and poker players all over the world, and a signed contract with a talented player — Marco D’Amico.

Marco — profitable poker player with more than 15 years of professional experience. His all-time ROI is 40.4%, and the total profit is more than $170,000. Marco is especially good in a game at mid- & low-stakes and has great postflop skills.

4. Scoring goals: Joao Klauss becomes TokenStars client

In February we’ve signed a contract with a great professional football player — Klauss.

João Klauss De Mello, commonly known as Klauss, is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays as a striker for Austrian club LASK Linz. By the age of 21, Klauss has already become the champion and top scorer of Finland, and also was awarded with the “Best player of the season” title. TokenStars will provide a marketing promotion for Klauss. Meanwhile, Klauss is planning to run activities on our platform for TEAM token holders.

5. Two new modules released

In January we released Players module (ex-Talent Support), which allows sports fans and advertisers to interact with signed pro stars and supported talents. In this module, token holders can follow the updates from our players and connect with favorite ones: join their fan clubs, earn ACE and TEAM tokens by completing bounty tasks, purchase exclusive activities with the stars, buy merchandise, promote athletes to bring in new advertising contracts.

The first in the profile appeared already signed players: Veronika Kudermetova, Marius Copil, and Elitsa Kostova. From now on, every signed player will be added to this module, stay tuned.

After signing new players it was important to provide brands and advertisers with the opportunity to reach these PROs. Released in February, Brand Relations module helps advertisers to structure cooperation with TokenStars athletes. Also it provides our community members the opportunity to become promoters of active players, introduce potential advertisers and earn 10% of the deal between brand and the athlete, paid in our tokens.

6. Sports Predictions user base consistently grows

In these 2 months, we held TokenStars NHL Week Contest and NBA Week Contest in Sports Predictions module ( 3,800+ users participated in each contest and 100 winners shared the prize fund of 5,000 tokens.

We launch a new contest every month and try to glad our participants with only the best sports events, so the bot audience is steadily growing by +3% each month.

7. Strengthening the team

A huge part of the project’s success is its team. In addition to the great players who joined us, our team was replenished with an excellent specialist — Philipp Tsagolov. He became a General Manager & Head of BizDev in TokenStars. His experience and fresh vision will help us achieve all our goals and drive TokenStars to a new level. Philipp was a managing partner in TokenSwap Fund, founder in Digital Cellar agency, and a business developer in BitClave. You can check his profiles on LinkedIn and Facebook.

8. ACE and TEAM join Blockfolio Signal

We provide our users with an opportunity to follow the most significant news on the development of ACE and TEAM verticals as well as the price changes in the app of the most popular and reliable cryptocurrency tracker — Blockfolio.

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For more information: follow the project’s social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Medium or take a look at our videos on YouTube.

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