Future Field, Advertising

The world around us is in a constant state of change, and with every change comes a new opportunity. Changes in technology, media and our world as a whole affects the way we live as humans. This constant change in our world creates a never ending shift in the field of advertising as companies craft effective strategies in order to meet the worlds current state of change.

One dramatic shift we are seeing the field of advertising is the importance of relationship marketing. Relationship marketing is a new philosophy when thinking of the target audience, with the goal being the creation of lifelong customers. People consider a company brand as apart of themselves and desire a relationship with the said brand.

Social media was built for people; making connections between one another. Businesses are not personal, and therefore should have no place in social media, but in this new world of advertising a company needs to be personal with its customers. This is why so many businesses are using social media, to meet the people where they are. Forming relationships as part of the online community can quickly turn into effectively advertising to the online community.

The growing number of advertising on social media platforms is growing. Advertisers are now able to control the entire process of an ad campaign, eliminating the middleman, and sending it right to the palm of their customers.

The unique thing regarding social media is that everyone has a voice, but the problem is it’s easy to have your voiced drowned in the sea of noise. Companies acknowledge this and it is why an expected shift in 2016 is to focus on creativity. Creativity is the only way to have a company’s voice stand out among the rest.

The changing world has a dramatic effect on the way companies advertise. Building relationships by being creative with social media is now the best way to have a brands voice heard.


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