POV Crypto Episode 45 — Emergent Communities, Gamified Societies, and YangGang with Steven McKie

Steven McKie is a partner at Amentum Capital, Advisor for Cent, a decentralized social media app, and Blockchannel podcast host.

David Hoffman
Apr 18 · 1 min read

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Steven McKie

Steven tells how he pulled himself up by the bootstraps, and makes an example for the future gig economy to come.

Steven has seen it all, from entry level crypto positions, to advising for projects, to being a partner at a fund.

Topics of Conversation

  • Navigating the Gig economy inside of Crypto
  • 80’s and 90’s kids growing up inside of gamified economies with video games
  • Being a Generalist vs. a Specialist
  • Cyber ‘Guilds’, and lessons from virtual guilds
  • Emergent communities creating emergent governance
  • Consumer adoption and chain-ethos alignment
  • YangGang, and Steven’s meeting Yang story
  • Coin vote vs off-chain governance

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